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Is there something that i can do

Good morning I'm on maternity leave and my manger said I have to pay for my health insurance while I'm out. I've never paid for health insurance. Employer has paid it. My insurance has been terminated because I can't afford the premiums. Is there anything that can be done. Is there someone I can call to see if this is correct. Last time I went on maternity leave I don't pay health insurance I only paid my portion for dental.

Fairygodboss member munguia1227


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My employment history is all over the map but I love helping people (low volume, low stress). Current job is in tech with about 20 people and only 3 other women: I need to change fields but don't know how, given my accommodation needs. Usually I suffer in silence for 1-2 years and quit. Not sure what the diagnosis changes. Help!

I have recently been booted from my office to make space for a new staff member so that she could sit close to her respective team. I don’t belong to a specific team and am a department of one so it’s easy to move me. Which is not a big deal, but I have been moved to a large electrical closet that didn’t even have ventilation until I said something and a vent was installed. According to HR this closet has been approved by the fire marshal for use as an office. I am feeling really claustrophobic in this closet and having issues breathing as the dust from the vent installation was not cleaned up. Now they are discussing moving an additional person to this closet with me. I am on the verge of quitting. How do I address this with the executive staff that I report to?

I have been with my current company for over three years. I was hired as a full time salaried employee and have been promoted since. I just received a phone call from the Head of HR informing me that they were upgrading my health plan (yay). She went on to divulge that they previously were giving me a limited plan only offered to hourly employees and now I was being upgraded to the plan provided to salary and management. Ummm...Why would I be denied a health plan that I should have been receiving all along?

I recently started a new job with a small company. The woman who interviewed me seemed very eager and friendly and the type of work is what I was looking for--they hired me right away. On the first day I learned they bought a new computer for me (yay) and another employee donated a desk (it's a new position.) When I was given the tour, I was told not to use the kitchen sink because it has a permanent blockage that they plan to get fixed and that the office has no hot water. I didn't think any thing of it until a couple days later when I found out that the sink has been broken for as long as they've owned the building (8 years!!!) Also they seemed in no hurry to get my employee paperwork together until I mildly insisted. I don't know if this is just characteristic of a small business environment (10 people) or a red flag that they won't take care of the team. There is also some more recent flood damage that I've been told will be fixed by March of next year (there is an insurance claim.) Should I be worried or is this within the realm of OK for a small company? Thank you!

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