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Maternity Leave in New York State

How does New York State's new paid family leave policy dovetail with short term disability policies? I'm trying to decide whether to purchase additional short term disability coverage to cover wage losses during my next pregnancy. New York State has passed Paid Family Leave and so I understand if I give birth in 2018 I will be eligible for approximately 50% of my salary for 8 weeks. What is unclear to me is whether I would first take 6 weeks of short term disability and then 8 weeks of Paid Family Leave? Or is the short term disability taken at the same time as Paid Family Leave and so I would collect disability and paid family leave at the same time up to 100% of my salary. In that case it wouldn't make sense to purchase additional disability coverage. I can't find an answer anywhere, and my employer and their short term disability carrier Aflak don't know either.

Fairygodboss member alycyas

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I am engaged, will be married October 2017. My fiance and I want to have a family right away. Currently my job does not have paid maternity leave. Is it premature for me to advocate for paid maternity leave? My initial thought was that I need to figure this out now, otherwise maybe I should look for another job ASAP; after some research I noticed that many companies only offer paid leave to employees who have been with the company for a year. I have a healthy relationship with my boss and feel comfortable talking to him; however, he isn't the one who makes this decision - corporate does.

I have been at my current job 3 years yet I am in the final interview this week for a new job. If I get the offer how do I ask about the questions I want answers to before accepting.. such as exactly how paid or unpaid leave would apply to me if I got pregnant within my first 6-12 months on the job, benefits questions, and policies. I know the maternity leave is good but I don't know how long I must work there first before it applies to me. This would be my first pregnancy so I also don't really even know what aspects of coverage are most important and really have the biggest affect ? If my leave was unpaid would my new increased salary make up the difference in the time I'd be working to not worry about this? Any tips on what to be aware of when switching insurance and leaving an employer and starting new insurance? Thank you!

Any ideas on how to figure out details of a company's parental/maternity leave policy? Right now I am looking for another job because I've been at this job for awhile and my wages / level have stagnated, among other things. Meanwhile, I'm 40 and have been trying to get pregnant. My eggs can't really afford to wait the 3 months after I find a job in order to guarantee the 1 year minimum employment before FMLA kicks in. Thanks to FairyGodBoss, I know the length of leave at a number of the companies I'm interested in, but not any of the fine print that might mean I'm ineligible to take the leave, even if I get the job. I can ask friends at some of the companies to look up their policies, but I'm at a loss for how to do that research when I don't know anyone on the inside besides the people I'd be interviewing with and their HR/recruiting departments.

Hi - I recently left my job and became pregnant. I am 12 weeks pregnant and job hunting. Its possible that I will have a couple of job offers in the next month. At what point in the interview/offer process do I tell an employer that I'm pregnant? Are there companies that will hold my job during maternity leave even though I won't qualify for FMLA? I'm also concerned with affecting a new relationship with an employer by revealing that I will be going on leave in six months. Has anyone else experienced this? Looking for facts and words of encouragement!

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