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Can my place of employment use my time off as a reason to not give me my vacation at my yearly renewal of vacation. They are saying since i didn't work the whole year because i took time off for my maternity that they wont give me my yearly vacation now that its due.

Fairygodboss member motherof6

  • Fairygodboss member

    In a number of companies, while you are on leave, you are do not accrue vacation, but the company cannot take all of your vacation from you, unless you took leave before meeting the requirements. Look up your state's Department of Labor website and see what it says about vacation, accrual and payment. Remember, FMLA allows an employee to come back to a comparable job; however, it does not say anything about being employed while on leave or accruing benefits.

  • Fairygodboss member

    In USA here, technically you haven’t worked a year.. this happened to me with my retirement, time off for maternity leave didn’t count towards my years of service.. now I’m slightly short of 17 years teaching..

  • Fairygodboss member

    illegal in the UK....! You are still employed while on Mat leave therefore you accrue vacation.

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My company offers "unlimited PTO." Women who go on maternity leave are not allowed to take vacation leave following maternity leave. The company has no clear policy on how many days a woman is allowed to take for vacation in the year before or after having a baby. I am very cautious to not take too much leave, but also don't want to miss out on vacation time which I should be allowed to take. I am afraid to take any vacation days leading up to childbirth and get the sense I am not allowed to take any in the year after I give birth, with the exception of sick time. Are there any laws around how unlimited vacation time policies work in tandem with maternity leave?

I'm having trouble focusing on work since coming back from maternity leave. My job is very busy and pre-baby, I couldn't get my work done unless I was 100% focused on the project at hand for the full day. Now my mind wanders to thinking about the baby and everything that needs to get home. How can I manage my full-time job plus my new responsibilities without losing my mind?

My company offers only 6-8 week of SDI and I really think it's crazy given that we're such a large company with so many other perks. I want to help change this -- if not for me, then for other women after me. Any tips on how to change your corporate policy from anyone in this community?

Is it illegal to work while on maternity leave? I would not be compensated by my work. I have having a hard time find a clear answer. I am an accounting manager and I am due at year end. I would like to still do some work when I am off. I just need some back up to present my case.

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