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Discussion Question

My male colleagues are sexually harassing me.

There are three men who come up to me and sexually harass me: they call me sweetie, comment on my boobs, say I'm looking fabulous. I'm really scared, please help.

Fairygodboss member Anonymous

  • Fairygodboss member

    can you simply report them to HR? I assume you have made it clear that their comments are offensive and unwanted?

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Like so many women in tech, I work with a LOT of men. I often feel like the outsider, and they're definitely a bit vulgar. I feel like they collaborate with me fine for the most part and handle our interactions professionally. Still, I feel really isolated - and it makes me not want to go to work some time. Does anyone else feel that way? Any ideas on how to make this situation work better?

I have been working for twenty plus years. In the last 5 years I have been under the same boss. This person is very degrading. He usually sets his sites in one particular person and that person is his target. He humiliates, degrades and throws in some swearing. At the end of the meeting you feel like you've been beaten down. Its almost as if it's all a show for the other people. Women seem to be a frequent target. There was a particular incident that he was screaming so loud on the phone that we heard his ranting all through the building. It's not easy to just throw everything you've worked for away and quit but sometimes I think it's cone down to more than simply sucking it up and letting it go. Any thoughts?

I recently came back to work after my maternity leave. It's a busy job, and I've been squeezing in pumping breaks in between meetings. Yesterday, my coworker actually asked to come into the pumping room to discuss a project since she couldn't find time on my calendar. How do I explain that this is NOT OK?!

Our entire staff feels trapped, sick, and bullied every day. Our newish president is a narcissist with a psychopathic personality (all ideas must be his, tyrant, bully) whose behavior towards us includes rage, blame, lack of communication, inappropriate texts, and excessive drinking,. All which leaves us walking on eggshells - never knowing if he will be in a good mood or a bad mood. He picks on someone diff every week. He makes someone cry everyday. Senior leadership either follows him like puppies or is too scared to challenge him. We do not have an HR dept. The only oversight is a volunteer board of directors. But we don't know if any of them can be trusted to keep our anonymity. None of us can afford to lose our jobs as retribution for speaking up. Yet, we have no one in our corner. Is the answer to just find a new job? 80% of staff is looking. Any suggestions to save what was once a great organization and our sanity? Has anyone dealt with this?

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