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New career

I am 47 y/o social worker, BSW, primary field of interest is mental/physical health. I enjoy the work I do but I do not enjoy the salary. I am divorced and when I was married the income was not so much an issue. My children are older and I have more time to go be more productive in a career and want a more challenging position. I believe that this career has made me abundantly talented in many areas. I am seeking advice as to my next career.

Fairygodboss member anon4398

  • Fairygodboss member

    Completely understand. Im also a SW, in Ontario, but have moved into a new position as of next week in Administration. I've been doing crisis intervention for almost 10 years and have had a collective $2000 raise in those 10 years because the agencies literally don't have the money to pay me more. (I know I did all the admin for them) I found out my father has cancer and my husband and I are going to be moving in with my parents to help and I needed to find a new position ASAP. I ended up applying for administration positions with my case management skill set i was more than qualified, but the admin portion was my fav part of my SW positions. As an office administrator I will be starting at $40k/year, the position I am leaving is only $37k/year

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I'm at a relatively senior level in my career, and I'm getting married. I'd like to change my name...but I'm concerned about how it could affect my "brand." First of all, people inside my company and out already know me by my maiden name...But also, will it affect my career prospects and make it seem like I am too focused on marriage?

I was laid off from my job in 2011 after taking a family leave when my mom had brain surgery several years ago. Her recovery was slow and left her with multiple disabilities. The job market was awful at the time, so instead of going back to work I chose to stay home and help her as a caregiver since she desperately needed one. Mom is now getting to the point she will need full-time care in under a year. As a way of preparing, I went back to school and will graduate this December with a degree Information Security/Risk Management. I know I am facing several hurdles - re-entering the workforce after an extended absence, changing careers (I held an office coordinator title when I was terminated) and ageism (over 50). I'm working to steps to setting myself up to be in the best position possible when it comes time to getting a job, but my resume' and LinkedIn account have me stumped. I have many transferable skills from past jobs but I'm not certain how to present them (and myself). I'm also not sure how to address the extended time off or the awkward way I was termed from my last job. What are some ways I can show a potential employer I am up-to-date skill-wise and ready to work? I'm networking when I can, but need ways to get my foot in the door and get an interview, as well as suggestions on how to answer when the question of the work gap comes up. I worked IT in the mid-nineties, but ended up working office support with a lot of IT requirements (system admin on office help pay), and hate to end up in that type of position again! Thank you for your help.

I am trying to change career paths. I was laid off in Nov. 2016. I spoke with a master resume writer yesterday who recommended an entirely new resume, LinkedIn overhaul, valuation letter and summary/biography all for close to $3000. I also received a call for an interview for a part-time job, $10/hour, no benefits. Needless to say I burst into tears by the end of the day. I had high hope when I obtained my law degree (especially after working full-time & attending night classes). I've tried contacting the law school and my undergrad career centers but have received only nominal assistance. They both wished me luck, gave me login's to their job portals and had nothing more to suggest. Someone mentioned networking & I agree that is an option but here in Michigan is comes with a fee to attend events, seminars or join associations. I understand we are all trying to make money but I graduated from law school during the recession and have 6 figures in student loans. I also am running out of unemployment. The master resume writer explained only 15% of people get hired from online applications. Is that true? If so then why are we even bothering with an online system at all? She suggested I find the hiring manager & connect with that person. The hiring manager is sometimes 2 people deep in the company so how do I find the person who told HR that they need a person for X job? I've reached out to people on LinkedIn and have not gotten much response or advice. Are there any mentors or HR people that can suggest anything that is free? My mom thinks I should go back to school but with a BA and JD that I am still paying for adding to the debt with no promises that another degree will land me a job doesn't seem wise. I am frustrated, disheartened and angry that the process of finding a job has become so convoluted but understand why it has. I've read so many articles on LinkedIn that they conflict with one another...you need a cover letter, no you need a pain letter, don't bother you don't need these because HR won't read it. Your resume needs skills, don't list your skills, list dates, don't list dates, take off references. Which article do I believe? Adding insult to injury the unemployment agency here requires your resume to be uploaded to the talent network. Do you know what companies contacted me expressing interest in my skill-set? Tru-Green lawn care as a fertilizer sprayer and a local manufacture as a line-worker. Is that all I am capable of and are they even reading my resume? If there is anyone out there who can help please respond and as 1 talk-show host says everyday at the end of her show remember to "be king to one another".

I am reapplying for a position I held 12 years ago, same company just merged with new one. I have since moved on to other jobs but I really loved this! Relocating back and would love to have a second chance. I might mention, I was going through cancer at that time it was “decided “ it was best that I part with the company. I understand it was probably not legal I was too tired to fight it. Since that time I’m healthy! And new ownership has proved to be much different. Help please?

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