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Discussion Question

New women's resource goup

Who is part of a women's resource group at your company? What do you like most, least?

Fairygodboss member fairy892810

  • Fairygodboss member

    Now, more than ever, women's networks are a critical resource for employees. Whether or not you're in a male-dominated industry, they can provide a sense of community and a safe space to discuss some of your needs and concerns. I love them because they also have the potential to effect real change in terms of how companies operate (for example, at the NY Times, the women's network wanted to expand the company's maternity leave policy, so they wrote a proposal, brought it to management, and successfully changed the Times' leave policy.) By engaging male allies and company executives, women's groups can be particularly helpful in other areas, too, like implementing more formal mentoring and sponsorship programs (that can in turn help more women get promoted), etc. I'd certainly recommend participating if your company has a women's network!

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