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Not sure what to do...

I just came back to work after getting 6 weeks of maternity leave. I was originally told that I would get the days that we got for Christmas and New Years added to the end of my maternity leave before I had my son but then a week before I was to come back that I would not get those days so I ended up having to take half of my vacation days since I already had appointments made. Also, there are other women at my job that either just had a child or are pregnant that are getting to work from home full time but I am not allowed to. My company does not have much in writing for maternity leave as we are a smaller company that does not qualify for FMLA. Also, now that I am back, things are very different. I do not really feel welcomed back as not many people are talking to me at all including my bosses. I am having such a hard time leaving my son and the whole situation at work isn't helping. Should I look for a new job or stick it out?

Fairygodboss member amymitchell

  • Fairygodboss member

    It sounds like you should start a stealth job search. If you feel comfortable, address what you are feeling with your manager. If you cannot some to a resolution with your manager, then continue a stealth job search. Your job has to be worth leaving your child every day. A newborn and a stressful work situation is not good for your overall health.

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I have had a shaky 3 to 4 years of work. My jobs have had lay offs and then I got into HR and went to another company for a director of management position. However it was a horrible company and I found another job in admissions, this was a step down but with better pay. However the hours are 9 to 6 and 11-8 on 2 days out of the week and some Saturdays. I have 3 children and my dad just had a stroke and will have to come live with me and I would need a job with better hours and great pay. I have my MBA but companies are not calling me back for interviews probably because I have job hopped. Any suggestions?

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