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Pending Promotion in new state

I am officially going to be offered a promotion with my company, but the position will be in another state and i just found out i'm pregnant. should i take the job, even though we will most likely move back after we have the baby? should i turn down the promotion to stay close to family during the pregnancy?

Fairygodboss member magdeelayna

  • Fairygodboss member

    My cousin moved a few times for new advancements and had to travel all through Europe, the US, and South America. I would definitely negotiate and ask them to temporarily get a fill in if the position has to be taken now, they you will resume when you have recovered a few weeks after birth. I filled in for one company for a position I hated and did not excel in until they could find someone else. I already knew the store, so less training was a decent trade off for them, and I got more pay & hours.

  • Fairygodboss member

    That's a tricky situation, and ultimately you'll have to decide what you're most comfortable with. You probably haven't yet disclosed to your employer that you're pregnant, but if you have, it may be worth talking to them about it to see whether it's at all possible to take the promotion and stay where you are now and work remotely. If you haven't yet told your colleagues you're pregnant, which would be completely understandable, then spend some time weighing the pros and cons. Perhaps it's possible to tell your company that you're very excited about the opportunity, and want to seize it, but it's unlikely you'll be able to move because of family commitments. If you make it clear that you're up for new challenges and want to take them on without moving, if possible, you may find there are new opportunities in your current location.

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I am 6 weeks, 3 days pregnant, and high risk due to my age and multiple serious health issues for which I have approved intermittent FMLA for time out of office for illness and doctor appointments. Several months ago in August, my boss questioned my time out of the office even though it is FMLA approved and asked if I "could just take a longer 2-3 week medical leave to deal with my issues". Since that time my boss continues to make false accusations about my behavior and my performance to build a case for terminating me...I seriously think they want to get rid of me because I continue to sporadically miss work due to FMLA covered reasons and since they know they can't fire me for that they are now going after "behavior and performance issues." Due to my high risk pregnancy, I will now have even more time away from the office for doctor appointments, and will likely have to apply for more intermittent FMLA which won't go over well. My past 9 years of performance reviews at this company have been good (always meeting expectations), but to my surprise this past week my boss shared I am "not even meeting expectations", which is our lowest performance ranking and grounds for termination. Although I have asked, she cannot and will not provide me any dates of occurrences or detailed information about my supposed behavioral or performance issues, and is piling on a long list of new expectations to my role to seemingly break me. I have previously suffered from recurrent miscarriage (unknown to my employer). I feel paralyzed now by what is happening at work and am no longer sleeping or eating the last 2 weeks due to the stress I am now under. I am very worried, especially since it is still so early and such an important time while my fetus is forming. I have several appointments with my primary physician and a psychiatrist this week to see if someone can write me out on an extended medical leave due to work stress during this very important time. Has anyone had any success doing this in this type of situation? Thank you!

I am highly skilled with a background in marketing management (MBA in Finace and Marketing), process improvement (Six Sigma), project management and research. I have been ranked number 3 in quality performance and recognized by a CEO for my innovativeness. I have taken serval (3) years off from the corporate environment to take care a relative that has significant chronic medical issues. I am ready to go back to work, but I have contraint. I want to be available - so I do not want to travel more than 20%. I do not want to work extreme hours - I want a balanced life. I am trying to relocate to the Raleigh/Durham area in North Carolina, so that I can oversee my relative's care, but I realize that this may not be possible. Watching this health crisis unfold has taught me that I do not need to make 6 figures. I want work that makes a difference and pays well. I am not a spring chicken (59 years olds). I documents that show the quality of my work. Where do I find a company that will provide the mental stimulation and flexibility. I like to think, solve hard problem and significantly change companies in positive way. I like the think tank environment. How do I search for and find a good fit?

I am so paranoid about people finding out I'm pregnant before I want to say anything so I've been wearing baggy clothes and avoided any mention of this even on FB in case I'm connected to someone at work who sees...any other advice about how to avoid being found out too soon??

I have a co-worker who I think is trying to be friendly but asks all these questions that insinuate that my work and priorities are going to change soon....I think he means it in a good-natured way b/c he is a new dad himself, but it makes me feel really uncomfortable b/c it seems like he's assuming things about me...how do I get him to stop without looking overly sensitive?

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