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Re-entering the workforce

Hi all,
I am mid 50's with an AA, and 20+ years experience in tech support and customer service. I have worked for large companies such as Starbucks corporate in Seattle and smaller businesses such as myself. I provide in home computer support - mostly setups, upgrades, virus elimination, etc. But I also provide tutoring to senior citizens on using electronic devices (home computers, printers, tablets, smartphones). I absolutely LOVE what I do and have been doing this for about 5 years, but I'm looking to get back into a corporate and structured setting. I feel as though the senior community is an enormous demographic of people that are being overlooked when it comes to technology and I want to reach as many seniors as possible to show them how they can use technology to their advantage and how it can enhance their daily activities such as general communication with others via social media, video chat, texting, etc. Can anyone recommend a company (companies) that are investing their time and resources in enhancing the lives of seniors through technology? So many companies are so "young" and there are so many seniors that are going back to work either out of necessity or boredom and they don't have the technological skills needed, thus forcing them into positions in which may not be gratifying. I am so passionate about teaching basic to intermediate computer skills to our seniors because the need and the desire is there. Any feedback is welcome. This is my first post. Thank you!

Fairygodboss member survivingmenopause

  • Fairygodboss member

    Have you tbought of working for AARP? That's where I'd look!

  • Fairygodboss member

    Look at your local Agency on Aging and see if there are any opportunities there. They don't pay much but it's a start.

    Have you no interest in starting your own business? If not, find a local 501 to partner with and write a grant to fund a position for yourself. I LOVE what you are doing.

    Good luck.

  • Fairygodboss member

    Two communities in our area have each given grants to the local high school for a "Senior Genius Bar" program, which takes place after school on Fridays. Seniors can come for tech support and help with their devices, and the kids get their community service hours. There are also many classes taught at our local community center, which has a specific segment of classes and social activities for seniors. Your idea sounds great, perhaps you could find grant money to start your own program, and house it at a local community center or school with a computer lab to begin with.

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