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Discussion Question

Research project

I am an undergraduate student carrying out a research on if women should be allowed to have paid menstrual leave each month. I have some queries regrading the matter and would be grateful if I could get the answers from this discussion board. The questions are
1. Is the policy feasible in real workplace?
2. Are women comfortable to tell their boss to get days off because of menstruation?
3. Would it ensure equality in the workplace?
4. What are the benefits of the policy?
5. How can such a policy be implemented?
6. what would the women do who are in irreplaceable jobs like teachers, doctors and nurses who has to be physically present in their workplace?

Fairygodboss member Sarah Hafti

  • Fairygodboss member

    I think this would do more harm than good. However as a boss I did have an employee pretty much lay it out for me she was having a particularly bad time of it and I smiled and said...come back when you are comfortable.

  • Fairygodboss member

    I spent 40 years with horrific cramps and high volume bleed and not once did I even consider staying home because of them. Menstruation sucks but it's a reality that woman need to figure out how to work around.

  • Fairygodboss member

    Interesting query! Realistically, I would say this would not be feasible for the simple reason that if women take these menstrual days off, this would decrease productivity in whatever the job is, and companies would be discouraged from hiring women, for the simple fact that they would be taking more off days then men (at least in my perspective. you could argue that maternity leave is a thing too but it's definitely not as frequent as menstrual cycles). Though, it might be a good case for women with really bad cramps. Maybe with a doctor's note, an exception can be made. However, as an overall rule, I don't think it is feasible, and I would not feel comfortable asking my male bosses for time off for my period.

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