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Struggling to find a position in Procurement

I am really struggling to find a new position in the procurement sector. I am open to relocation, from Chicago, but I feel like I am going about my search the wrong way. I have worked with a career coach and had both my resume and LinkedIn profile written by an expert. How do you go about getting responses for job applications and finding a good recruiter? I know about networking, but I still feel like I am missing the boat.

Fairygodboss member Reveiwer99

Job search

  • Fairygodboss member

    You mention you "know about networking" but what do you mean by that? All of the research I have done indicates that upwards of 80-90% of jobs are obtained through networking.

  • Fairygodboss member

    I was told the same statistic, 87%. Do you have suggestions for networking?

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I've been a services and quality manager for over 18 years in higher education, telecommuting for 15. I lost my job due to downsizing in July, although I'm still on a tiny retainer through 2018. I have excellent references across the organization, transferrable skills, and I've attended a lot of career workshops. I have yet to get an interview. The UI office advised that 87% of jobs in the last six months were obtained through 'someone you know'. Yes, 87%. I'm almost out of networking ideas. What is your experience in this context?

Any tips on how to ask for maternity leave policy when getting a job offer? I really want to make sure I'm going somewhere that has something decent but they aren't on this site yet and I can't find info online for it.

Hello, I have worked for 6.8 years in Financial sector ( Stock Exchange and a Bank). I had to quit my job in bank and relocate to another country because of my marriage. It's been two years now that I am unable to find a job in this country in banking or finance. Honestly, there is a part of me who does not want to get into numbers anymore. Throughout my career, customer service was my strength. I love talking to people, solving their problems, it makes me happy. Now I am stuck at home. I need to be financially independent but at the same time I need to find the right career for me. Kindly guide what all career opportunities I can explore after banking with a post graduation diploma in Banking. And how can I get into Hospitality Industry? Thanks.

Hi, currently I am in the Canada Express Entry pool under Federal Skilled Worker category and legally eligible for job search and work in Canada. I will be getting my PR immediately once I land there with a valid job offer in hand. All I need is a job offer. I am currently working in India and I don't need a sponsorship as getting a Visa by myself is easy, as am already in the pool. I have been applying for jobs through different Canadian job portals but getting rejected with reason-' currently Not residing in Canada'!!. I am willing to move to Canada ASAP. How do I get a job in Canada from India? Please help me with your suggestions.

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