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What budget changes did people here find most helpful when

What budget changes did people here find most helpful when starting a new family? Trying to make intelligent changes and figured people here have been through planning the kinds of things we're looking at....

Fairygodboss member Anonymous

  • Fairygodboss member

    Mint.com is the best! Helped our family track trends, categorize spending, and merge my partner's and my finances.

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I just came back to work after getting 6 weeks of maternity leave. I was originally told that I would get the days that we got for Christmas and New Years added to the end of my maternity leave before I had my son but then a week before I was to come back that I would not get those days so I ended up having to take half of my vacation days since I already had appointments made. Also, there are other women at my job that either just had a child or are pregnant that are getting to work from home full time but I am not allowed to. My company does not have much in writing for maternity leave as we are a smaller company that does not qualify for FMLA. Also, now that I am back, things are very different. I do not really feel welcomed back as not many people are talking to me at all including my bosses. I am having such a hard time leaving my son and the whole situation at work isn't helping. Should I look for a new job or stick it out?

For moms out there who have breastfed and pumped at work...curious how much you guys stored up in terms of breast milk before you went back to work. I heard that milk supply can dwindle so I've been pumping like crazy!

I've always prioritized my career, but I'm starting to feel like I won't feel as committed to it once I have my baby. Should I be worried about losing my ambition?

Best Fashion Companies for Women? Top 10?

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