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Discussion Question

What is the best salesforce development company in USA.?

I want to know that about Salesforce development company in USA. I confused that there are so many companies.Like: Appirio, Salesforce, Algoworks, TheNineHertz, Cognizant etc. Please let me know about quick.

Thank you

Fairygodboss member anon4710

  • Fairygodboss member

    Are you planning to work ??

  • Fairygodboss member

    Hi Anon4710,

    I'd love to talk to you about opportunities at Appirio and how we provide a different experience from a worker and customer perspective.

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Hi. I have been an Executive Assistant, or some other assistant/operations person for over 30 years. After losing my job of many years due to restructuring, I am looking for a permanent position. I feel as though assistant positions are on the way out, given anecdotal evidence by other assistants as well as executives I've spoken to. Please note that I am in pursuit of my bachelor's, but it is not yet completed. Apparently 30 years of experience doesn't mean anything if I don't have a degree. I've been told that it is recognized that I am intelligent and eager to learn pretty much anything (as well as easy to work with) so do not pigeon-hole myself into going after assistant roles, but I don't know what else I should look into or other keywords to use when searching for positions. Does anyone have any guidance on what kinds of jobs are out there?

Hi all, I am mid 50's with an AA, and 20+ years experience in tech support and customer service. I have worked for large companies such as Starbucks corporate in Seattle and smaller businesses such as myself. I provide in home computer support - mostly setups, upgrades, virus elimination, etc. But I also provide tutoring to senior citizens on using electronic devices (home computers, printers, tablets, smartphones). I absolutely LOVE what I do and have been doing this for about 5 years, but I'm looking to get back into a corporate and structured setting. I feel as though the senior community is an enormous demographic of people that are being overlooked when it comes to technology and I want to reach as many seniors as possible to show them how they can use technology to their advantage and how it can enhance their daily activities such as general communication with others via social media, video chat, texting, etc. Can anyone recommend a company (companies) that are investing their time and resources in enhancing the lives of seniors through technology? So many companies are so "young" and there are so many seniors that are going back to work either out of necessity or boredom and they don't have the technological skills needed, thus forcing them into positions in which may not be gratifying. I am so passionate about teaching basic to intermediate computer skills to our seniors because the need and the desire is there. Any feedback is welcome. This is my first post. Thank you!

A month ago I came into the office to an email stating that one of my work functions will be centralized to head office in another state. It took the manager an hour to call me back to discuss and when we did he said unofficially they were looking to cut my role sometime within the next 12 months. I looked for a new job and found one just about right away, closer to home with a pay rise. The only catch being I needed to start within 2 weeks because the girl training me will be on annual leave in 3 weeks. My contract states I need to hand in 4 weeks notice but I handed in 2. My manager has not taken this well and almost personnally. I'm concerned that the next few weeks of my life will be made miserable but mostly I do feel terrible about not handing in the right notice to accept a job that is a fantastic opportunity. I need a little reassurance that Im doing the right thing before I lose too much sleep over it.

The previous post is a hard act to follow, but here goes: Within a week or two, I will be laid off from the ad agency where I work. Unfortunately, this is a hazard of working at an agency. If the agency loses a major client (or, as in our case, two), staff are let go. For me, this is deja vu; at my last job, also at an agency, we lost a major client and 11 staffers were laid off (including me). The advertising industry skews quite young. I laugh when I see a job posting for a "senior" copywriter requiring only three years of experience (I have more than 20). While I am seeking a permanent, full-time position either remotely or in the Greater Philadelphia/South Jersey region, I am considering going freelance. I have had a freelance business on the side for decades, but never made the leap. So, if anyone has advice on making a living as a freelancer, let me know. Or, if you have any ideas on how to "spin" my experience in a positive way, please share. (And if you want to send a job offer my way, that's OK, too!)

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