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Discussion Question

What is the best salesforce development company in USA.?

I want to know that about Salesforce development company in USA. I confused that there are so many companies.Like: Appirio, Salesforce, Algoworks, TheNineHertz, Cognizant etc. Please let me know about quick.

Thank you

Fairygodboss member anon4710

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Would you look for a new job during your maternity leave and still nursing? My current workplace has a great lactation room. Easily accessible and provides an onsite pump. There is also the possibility that my employer will allow me to WFH one or two days a week when I return. However, I know I won't last long in this company due to stress and the hours. Should I stay and try to get by for as long as I can or is being on maternity leave a great time to go on interviews?

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