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Discussion Question

Women's career support network at your company

Does anyone work in a company that has a women's peer support network focused on building careers? If so, what is the format? What works and what doesn't

Fairygodboss member Penelope

  • Fairygodboss member

    Women's networks can be very effective in advocating for/instituting/maintaining talent development or succession planning at companies. These groups can be used to require executives to ID talented employees and then provide them with training/development opportunities. Women's networks can also pinpoint executives who can serve as sponsors for employees, and can ensure that women have access to resources and training that will help them advance their careers. Check out pt. 4 of this report for more detail! http://res.cloudinary.com/fairygodboss/raw/upload/v1517244075/Galvanize_Report_ostog9.pdf

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I recently came back to work after my maternity leave. It's a busy job, and I've been squeezing in pumping breaks in between meetings. Yesterday, my coworker actually asked to come into the pumping room to discuss a project since she couldn't find time on my calendar. How do I explain that this is NOT OK?!

I am an undergraduate student carrying out a research on if women should be allowed to have paid menstrual leave each month. I have some queries regrading the matter and would be grateful if I could get the answers from this discussion board. The questions are 1. Is the policy feasible in real workplace? 2. Are women comfortable to tell their boss to get days off because of menstruation? 3. Would it ensure equality in the workplace? 4. What are the benefits of the policy? 5. How can such a policy be implemented? 6. what would the women do who are in irreplaceable jobs like teachers, doctors and nurses who has to be physically present in their workplace?

I was on maternity leave when Grace Hopper Conference tickets became available unfortunately. I promised my team (two other women) that we would go but am having trouble finding an "in." Does anyone know of anyone who has extra tickets? If not, do you know any other routes I could go to get some?

Can my place of employment use my time off as a reason to not give me my vacation at my yearly renewal of vacation. They are saying since i didn't work the whole year because i took time off for my maternity that they wont give me my yearly vacation now that its due.

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