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Discussion Question

Women's career support network at your company

Does anyone work in a company that has a women's peer support network focused on building careers? If so, what is the format? What works and what doesn't

Fairygodboss member Penelope

  • Fairygodboss member

    Women's networks can be very effective in advocating for/instituting/maintaining talent development or succession planning at companies. These groups can be used to require executives to ID talented employees and then provide them with training/development opportunities. Women's networks can also pinpoint executives who can serve as sponsors for employees, and can ensure that women have access to resources and training that will help them advance their careers. Check out pt. 4 of this report for more detail! http://res.cloudinary.com/fairygodboss/raw/upload/v1517244075/Galvanize_Report_ostog9.pdf

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