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Working while out on STD after giving birth.

I currently work a FT job and do some consultant work from home outside of my job. My job does not have maternity leave so I plan on going out on STD. I would love to increase my consultant work while Im out to supplement my income. Will I be penalized for receiving disability while still technically working?

Fairygodboss member LovelyLady0601

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Do most women do some work while on leave - or at least check in with colleagues on what's going on at the office? Or is it better to totally disconnect?

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and gearing up to go on maternity leave at the end of the month. I recently came across a new job oppurnity that would be better for my family. I'm at the finishing stages of interviewing with this new company and I am worried that I will find out I got the job while on maternity leave. My question is, what happens to my maternity benefits and how do I go about leaving my current job without issue?

Any ideas on how to figure out details of a company's parental/maternity leave policy? Right now I am looking for another job because I've been at this job for awhile and my wages / level have stagnated, among other things. Meanwhile, I'm 40 and have been trying to get pregnant. My eggs can't really afford to wait the 3 months after I find a job in order to guarantee the 1 year minimum employment before FMLA kicks in. Thanks to FairyGodBoss, I know the length of leave at a number of the companies I'm interested in, but not any of the fine print that might mean I'm ineligible to take the leave, even if I get the job. I can ask friends at some of the companies to look up their policies, but I'm at a loss for how to do that research when I don't know anyone on the inside besides the people I'd be interviewing with and their HR/recruiting departments.

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and just met with HR to find out about our Maternity Leave program only to learn that they only give us unpaid leave (you have to file for state disability to get your 55% salary during those weeks) In talking with other moms, I found they all came back early (because who can really afford to take a big pay cut when you have a new little one to tend to?) It never occurred to me to check because kids weren't on the radar when I applied for the job, but I'm totally disheartened that my company that "prides itself" on caring about its people doesn't have something better in place. Has anyone gone to HR to see about improving their policies? I know as a whole our organization had a 12 year tenure when I started and a pretty high average age, so it may have not been on their radar, but I'm shocked that they aren't more progressive. Any advice??

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