Moms Trying to Find & Pursue Their Purpose

For moms wanting to make a move & figure out what they ACTUALLY want to be doing with their life.

open group
Gail Renfrow, PMPBrittany De Los SantosJocelyn LyonsKatie PallenHelen Hanison235 members
Mystery Woman
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About this group

This group is for moms that want to live a more fulfilling life and have an identity that is more than "working mom". Join us if you're ready to figure out your true purpose in life but aren't sure how. Join us if you have an idea but are scared to actually go for it. Join us if you need to "talk it out." Join us if you have no clue what you really want in life. Join us if you know what you're purpose is but have no idea how to pursue it.

Group rules

Be thoughtful and encouraging in your response. Keep all responses confidential. Please keep this focused on finding and pursuing your purpose and self-care.
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