Stories You Dont Ever Hear About

Let’s be honest, the workplace can be a facade hiding truths of company culture & bad behavior.

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Dermar Moses1 member
Mystery Woman
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About this group

There are so many unheard stories and experiences of employees that we never here about. Why? Usually because Management, HR or Workplace Cliques utilizes strategies and power to hide facts that they do not want others to know. Also, it’s because employees are conditioned to be fearful, coerced to assimilate, shamed/alienated or fired before having a voice. Open discussion to share stories, laugh or cringe and hopefully learn what to do if you experience inhumane/toxic ...Read more

Group rules

This groups is sponsored by “The Golden Rule”. Treat others with respect. No shaming or ridiculing. Do not use real names, or names of companies. Remember, these are stories, although based off of real life, that we can learn from, be entertained by and identify with matter your gender or ethnicity.
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