Stanford MBA-led space for working moms who want success, work-life balance, and to feel like a great mom.

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About this group

Hi working moms! Welcome to the Bold and Balanced Working Moms Group. Here you will find a safe space to get advice, learn best practices, and share your triumphs and struggles. You will be equipped and empowered to take control of your career and family life - and go from feeling like your life is a crazy movie that you need relief from to being the CEO of your destiny--an example to your children and a powerful partner to any adult lucky enough to be in your life ...Read more

Group rules

Let's please make this a safe space for working moms to share their wins and struggles. No bullying, no politics, no yelling (e.g. ALL CAPS), and no mom-shaming. We follow these specific principles and guidelines to ensure that our community encourages expression while creating a safe environment. Be supportive — Advice & Encouragement ● Bold and Balanced Working Moms is a safe and support space where you can and should ask for the help you need. Let's strive to weigh ...Read more
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