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FGB Official Mentors & Mentees Group

A safe and inclusive space for FGB’ers who want to build each other up through career mentorship.

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About this group

The FGB Official Mentors & Mentees Group is a community where both sides (mentor or mentee) have the opportunity to learn from one another for life, career, personal development, and mentorship. This is the perfect space where mentors and mentees can ask questions, share stories, and support members in need. Be sure to connect and message the FGB’er you’d like to connect further with. And make sure to see our group rules on how to find the right mentor or mentee for you ...Read more

Group rules

How to become a mentor or mentee after joining: *Invite others: Share with people who you believe can benefit from joining FGB Official Mentors & Mentees Group. *Post an introduction: Share what you do and/or your aspirations, and if you’d like to be a mentor or mentee. Make your outreach more personal by including a photo. *Share: Be transparent about your successes and failures, share tips, resources, and opportunities related to life, career, personal development ...Read more