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About this group

We talk about job searching strategies, interviewing techniques, resume writing tips, LinkedIn profile writing, using LinkedIn for networking, career changes, salary negotiations, and other job-search-related matters. Feel free to join and share your thoughts and ideas with other group members and learn from each other. Job seekers are welcome to join as long as the group and FairyGodBoss' rules are respected and followed.

Group rules

JOB SEARCHING GROUP Guidelines & Rules We are a kind and courteous community. No hate speech or bullying here. Our topics are career-related and remain focused on job searching subjects. We follow these specific principles and guidelines to ensure that our community encourages expression while creating a safe environment. ➤ Be authentic — Quality & No Solicitations: ● This group was founded by Certified Resume Writer and Executive Career Coach, Mandy Fard. ● To keep ...Read more
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