Mindful Working Moms

Moms seeking calm confidence at home and at work.

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HOLLY RIVERAGail Renfrow, PMPBrittany De Los SantosCabaneStudiosKeelyn Sebeny215 members
Mystery Woman
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About this group

We know that our careers matter. Our work allows us to express ourselves as unique, capable, competent human beings. Our work is purposeful, meaningful and adds value to life. It's about much more than just paying our bills. Likewise, our roles as Mothers matter too. Deeply. But differently. Our relationships with our children are profoundly meaningful, purposeful and a potential source of great joy and fulfillment. It's where we find one of our greatest opportunities ...Read more

Group rules

Be kind and courteous. No hate speech, bullying or posting in ALL CAPS. Offer constructive, supportive comments to help lift each other up.
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