Seniors Optimizing Life

Discuss ways to be active and better. Share information and resources and give each other encouragement.

open group
Kathleen LeCheleLisaBetsy Walters, CALCStella FeinbergDanielle37 members
Mystery Woman
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About this group

Let’s discuss ways in which we can all be better. We want to look better, feel better and be better by sharing information, sources and resources and giving each other encouragement along the way that can lead to us being more active, healthier and involved. This group is all about helping each other to be their best with all of our comments and suggestions coming from a place of love and respect for one another.

Group rules

Absolutely no negativity or trolling. Have respect for one another and simply do not comment unless one has something constructive to offer. It is okay and preferred for one to remain silent on some topics. Just move on to the next item.
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