You Are More Qualified Than You Think

Job search strategy: Determine your next role and go after it strategically and authentically.

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About this group

There are challenges that making looking for a job harder than ever. - Job Descriptions are written from the 1970s so it's hard to know what you are qualified for. - Most jobs are filled with the hiring manager's network, so it can be hard to break in when you are new to an industry or geographical area. - You are told to sell yourself in a way that doesn't feel authentic. - You often are looking for a new role when you are feeling worst about yourself such as in a toxic ...Read more

Group rules

Welcome! If you are here because you are looking for a new role AND are willing to help others, you have come to the right place. Please review these guidelines before you post. Thank you for helping us keep things running smoothly! The most important thing to keep in mind: We are here to support each other. If someone asks for advice, jump in and give it! Keep it relevant and encouraging. Look for these weekly posts: Tuesday ROLL CALL where we get to know each ...Read more
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