Intentional Clarity

Women intentionally stepping into to empowered fulfillment. Moving from chronic chaos to creative clarity.

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Victoria CianciCOURTNEY BOREKHelen HanisonAlice JohnsonGisselli Rodriguez36 members
Mystery Woman
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About this group

It's been a rough time for many of us and I wanted to start this group because I believe every women should have the opportunity to choose clarity and a life they want over confusion and self-doubt. It's time to choose YOU! Is this group for you? Can you answer any of the questions below? ✨Have you wished that you could take a vacation and never come back to reality? ✨Do you have a million ideas that never seem to stick? ✨Is there a feeling that you wish you could do ...Read more

Group rules

Be kind and respective. NO HATE SPEACH OR BULLYING. This is a safe container of women looking to grow themselves and help empower others
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