Government and Public Service Employees and Want-to-bes

For anyone who currently works in local, state, or federal government and anyone who might want to someday.

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Janice Dru-BennettBrittany De Los SantosMandi T. Dawn DemoTrista Larson213 members
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About this group

Working in the public sector is so different than the private sector! From the interview process to the measurements of success of an organization, serving the public comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities. If you are currently in the public sector or are curious about how to get there, this group is for you!

Group rules

1. NO POLITICS! Unless you are discussing the challenges of navigating political pressures while trying to get the job done. We don't need any debates about which side is better because we have a job to do no matter who is in charge. 2. Give others the kindness you hope for and the benefit-of-the-doubt. We are all out here doing the best we can. This isn't a place for you if you are looking to criticize others to make yourself feel something. 3. Be supportive. 4. Only ...Read more
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