HR Round Table

HR questions? HR-related dilemmas? For employees and employers alike. A question and advice group.

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Lee AnnRosie MouaErika WeadockVirginia GreenJanice Dru-Bennett579 members
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About this group

Inviting all HR professionals and everyone else! Here's a group to pose questions about HR related topics. If you're a Human Resources professional, please join the group and share your knowledge and experience. If you're an employee, supervisor, manager or otherwise, join to check out the topics that may come up in discussion. Let's learn from and support one another.

Group rules

Be kind and courteous. No hate speech. Please don't post in ALL CAPS. There are no stupid questions. Please keep answers concise and on topic. Share your experiences and knowledge. Remember, advice here does not replace consulting with a legal professional. It is recommended that you consult legal counsel when appropriate. Use this group to "point you in the right direction", but please do not use it as the final answer for your question or dilemma.
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