Personal Stylists' Closet

A place for stylists (and style enthusiasts) to gather and discuss all things style-related!

open group
Camille BorgmannJanice Dru-BennettGail Renfrow, PMPMeredith TozzerBernadette Sheridan191 members
Mystery Woman
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About this group

This group is for personal stylists, wardrobe strategists, and confidence-makers who helps others feel good in their clothes and have fun with their wardrobes. It is also open to style enthusiasts who want to effortlessly dress for any occasion. Together, we'll discover and reinvent ourselves, "shop" from our closets, and support each other in taking creative leaps that present our truest selves to the world, whether in stilettos or sneakers!

Group rules

We follow these specific principles and guidelines to ensure that our community encourages expression while creating a safe environment. Be supportive — Advice & Encouragement Personal Stylists' Closet is a safe and supportive space where you can and should ask for the help you need. Let's strive to weigh in as much as we receive, too. Support, inspiration, and recommendations to other connections and resources are welcome here! Ask for help — Share & Specify As your ...Read more
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