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Make Work Fit Life!

For women considering family hiatus or trying to get back in—$/career advice for women seeking flexible work

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About this group

Do you still think that there's only one way to work—in the traditional, more than full-time, tied-to-your-desk corporate job? Are you at a breaking point trying to manage work and life...just about ready to throw in the towel and head home to care for children and/or aging parents? Or have you already left...and you'd like to get back in...but you don't want to return the relentless corporate grind you chose to leave behind? This group helps women ask for or find ...Read more

Group rules

Be kind, courteous and open-minded. Remember that if you don't see a lot of flexible work at your company or in your department it does not mean it's not out there and becoming so much easier to get or find with the right strategy and approach!