Have things gotten better, worse, or stayed the same for women at W.W. Norton & Company in the past year?


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June 2017

For the past several years, the company's HR department and certain departments/managers have been pulling back on work schedule flexibility and opportunities to work from home or offsite, and it only seems to be becoming more rigid. At the same time, certain employees seem to be completely exempt from these changes, so ultimately one's ability to ask for such conditions depends upon the personal stance of one's manager. While an official company policy cited when needed as a way of rejecting flextime proposals (officially, there is no "work from home" option offered), there are huge inconsistencies between departments and opportunities offered to employees, even those within the same department. These inequities are terrible for morale and are completely unsupportive of women in the company. Employees who are able to benefit from being favored and given an option to work at home or have flexible hours feel that they must hide that privilege from others in the company-- and this particularly applies to female employees. This is the opposite of empowering, the opposite of progressive.

June 2018

The company has moved away from any work at home or flextime options (excepting a certain fortunate, politically connected few), reduced the number of sick days offered, and hasn't shown a lot of support of acknowledgement of work/life balance or support for women starting families or for younger women trying to move up within the ranks. Very old school and becoming moreso.

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