Salary and Bonus, by Title and Company

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Title Department Salary range Bonus range Company Add a Tip
Web Developer $100k-$150k $10k-$20k Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
VP Marketing >$150k $20k-$50k Wells Fargo
VP Technology $100k-$150k $0-$10k Citigroup
Vice President, Associate General Counse... >$150k $50k-$100k Goldman Sachs
Vice President >$150k $50k-$100k AON PLC
Vice President Research >$150k >$100k Bank of America Corporation
Vice President Sales >$150k >$100k Dow Jones
Vice President Securities Division >$150k $50k-$100k Goldman Sachs
Vice President $100k-$150k $50k-$100k BNP Paribas
Vice President $100k-$150k $10k-$20k Citigroup
Vice President $100k-$150k $20k-$50k Discovery Channel
Vice President $100k-$150k $10k-$20k State Street Corporation
Underwriter $25k-$50k $0-$10k Regence
Training Coordinator $100k-$150k $0-$10k HP Inc.
Training Coordinator $0-$25k $0-$10k HP Inc.
Technical Sales Engineer $100k-$150k $20k-$50k Qualtrics
Technical Business Executive $100k-$150k $20k-$50k IBM
Talent Manager $50k-$80k $0-$10k Protiviti
Talent Lead $50k-$80k $0-$10k JPMorgan Chase & Co
Tale Sales Executives $0-$25k $0-$10k Shiddat
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