10 Ways to Get Ready for GHC Without the Stress

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May 29, 2024 at 10:4PM UTC

The Grace Hopper Celebration is coming up soon. While you might not be thinking about how to pack your suitcase just yet, you’ve probably been wondering what prep you can do to get the most out of this awesome experience. Here is our pre-GHC checklist, so you can go to sleep on Sept. 30 knowing you’re going to knock it out of the park: 

1. Upload your resume to the GHC database

Recruiters will reach out to you for job opportunities and networking events using this resume, so make sure it’s uploaded — and looking good — before the conference. Read up on resume tips on Fairygodboss before you upload. 

2. Get your resume reviewed — and make the edits.

The GHC database offers a free resume review from TopResume. Be sure to click “Yes” and implement the feedback they provide. 

3. Join the GHC group on Fairygodboss.

Join the GHC group on Fairygodboss to connect with other women attending the celebration and to get advice on any lingering questions you have. 

4. Download the GHC app and pick your schedule.

Download the GHC app and use it to sign up for sessions throughout the week. Once you’ve got your agenda finalized, add the sessions and their locations to your calendar to keep everything straight. And be sure to check out Fairygodboss Co-founder and President Romy Newman’s session Become A Gender Equality Superhero: Seven Ways To Thwart Gender Discrimination on Thursday, Oct. 3 at 1:15 p.m. in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom O. 

Be sure to sign up for unofficial GHC events ASAP, also. To find events, you can follow the GHC19 GitHub repository or check out this spreadsheet.

5. Map out the conference.

If you’re planning to check out company booths — like the one Fairygodboss is hosting at booth 446 — use this sheet to determine their booth numbers and build your plan of attack. 

6. Update your social media profiles.

Before the conference, recruiters and other hiring leaders scour social media for women who are attending GHC. Add #GHC19 to your Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram bios to up your chances of getting noticed online. 

7. Practice your interview skills.

Prior to the conference, practice your elevator pitch and common interview questions with a friend. Remember, 20,000 people are attending and you want to stand-out in even a short conversation. 

8. Plan out your GHC outfits. 

Try on your favorite business casual outfits — plus a business/cocktail dress or two for networking events — with plenty of time to replace anything that doesn’t work. Plan on bringing a blazer and comfortable shoes — the  Orange County Convention Center is massive!

9. Print everything.

Make sure you have plenty of physical copies of your resume and business cards prior to the conference. 

10. Ok, now it’s time to pack that bag.

Remember to pack your laptop if you’re doing an interview or coding challenge, a portable charger for your phone, plenty of layers and everything else you need to feel your best. 

Now, knock them dead! But be sure to have fun, too. This is the largest gathering of women technologists on the planet — you’re sure to find a new friend or two. 

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