Look Deeply Confident With These 11 5-Second Actions


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Leah Thomas866
June 19, 2024 at 1:28AM UTC
Feeling unsure of your work and second guessing yourself in your career are common issues many people face. But there are quick and easy ways to address this problem.
We've chosen the 11 best pieces of advice for those days when you need a quick career confidence boost.

1. Make eye contact

While speaking, making eye contact shows you're assertive. And when someone else is speaking, it shows you are truly listening. Let your bosses and coworkers know you are as comfortable leading the conversation as you are taking a back seat and listening.

2. Encourage others to be confident, too

By encouraging others to build the confidence to speak up, you become confident yourself. Be responsive and engaged and add your own view or idea to their point. Let them know you care about what they worked up the courage to say.

3. Push your comfort zone

If you're normally anxious to speak up in meetings, set a goal to do just that. Push past your normal level of participation and be confident in what you have to say.

4. "Fake it till you make it"

Take this cliche to heart. Tell yourself you are confident, even if you don't truly feel it yet. Act prepared in situations you may not fully feel prepared for. And soon enough, you'll believe it. 

5. Identify your strengths

Build upon the aspects of the job you already know you are good at. Access these strengths when you are looking to impress a boss or a colleague. And continue to improve upon these skills -- you can always get better. 

6. Identify your weaknesses

Acknowledge the skills you may not be the best at, and then work on them. Devise a plan to improve your weaknesses and eventually eliminate them. But don't obsess over your weaknesses. View them as a challenge you're ready and prepared to tackle.

7. Practice positive affirmations

Don't let your insecurities or fears of failure hold you back from reaching your full potential. You've worked hard to get to where you are, and your boss saw potential in you. You are capable and prepared. And it will help to remind yourself of this every once in a while. 

8. Keep your desk organized

This simple act will make you feel more in-control. And a clean desk will encourage you to take control over other things in your life.

9. Ask for feedback

The smartest employees want to know the good and the bad of their job performance. Don't be afraid of constructive criticism -- it will only allow you to improve upon yourself and your work. Plus, it shows your boss you care about constantly getting better at what you do.

10. Always appear positive

Smile. Take deep breaths when necessary. Appear in-control when, in reality, you may be frustrated or upset. You will seem more approachable, friendly, and better prepared to handle disasters that may occur.

11. Don't be afraid to ask questions

Even the most experienced of employees ask questions. Showing you are eager to learn and understand something that may be unknown or confusing is perceived as taking interest and chasing personal growth. It is better to know than to pretend you understand, which later could have a negative impact on your performance.

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