17 Ways to Achieve Your Career Goals in 2022, According to Career Experts

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May 25, 2024 at 11:23PM UTC

Hoping to level up your career in 2022? Fairygodboss and its community of career experts have your back. Whether you’re looking for advice on building successful routines, impressing your boss or boosting your executive presence, we’ve got you covered with actionable tips and supportive members who will cheer you on your career journey.

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Building Better Habits

Achieving your career goals means working by a schedule that works for you — your productivity, mental health and work-life balance. Here’s The 1 Thing People Who Are Seen as Highly Effective Do Every Single Day, According to Harvard. And if you’re looking to create a more robust routine, check out I'm a Career Strategist — Doing These 10 Things Every Day Will Help You Level Up Your Career in 2022.

Strengthening Your Work Relationships

Once you’ve got your habits down, it’s time to look externally at your work relationships. One of the most crucial relationships is the one with your boss; they should not only support your career goals but also be your advocate as you move to the next stage of your career. Do you think your boss is already in your corner? Here are 9 Surefire Signs Your Boss is Deeply Impressed With You

And if you’re worried that you might not be in your boss’s favor (yet!): If Your Boss Says These 7 Things, It's a Sign They Underestimate You — How to Improve Their Opinion.

Your coworkers are an important piece of the career success puzzle, too. If you’re not collaborating with your team as well as you’d like, here are 7 Ways to Improve Your Rocky Workplace Relationships. And if you’re starting to work with someone new, The Secret To Building Impactful Relationships With Your Coworkers Is This.

Getting That Promotion

Maybe your 2022 career goal is to land that promotion. You got this! The first step is knowing that Working Hard Won't Always Get You Promoted — But Doing These 3 Things Will.

What if your promotion is long overdue? Not to fear: Here's How to Ask for a Promotion When It's Long Overdue, and This Checklist Will Help You Get That Long Overdue Promotion.

If you’re feeling confident a promotion is coming your way, congratulations! Here are 9 Signs You’re About to Get Promoted you can use to check your gut.

Leveling Up Your Confidence

Unfortunately, 1 in 2 Women Don’t Feel Confident at Work Right Now. But if you’re part of that 50%, there’s no need to worry — there are tons of ways both you and your company can help close the confidence gap and get you one step closer to achieving your career goals.

Try these 4 Subtle Behaviors That Make You Appear Powerful at Work, or these 20 Ways To Curb The Confidence Gap That’s Crippling Women’s Careers. Stand out with 6 Things Women Who Project Confidence Do That Other People Don’t.

Plus, get exclusive advice from a Speaking, Visibility and Confidence Expert: I’m a Confidence Expert — Here Are 3 Ways Successful Women Take up Space at Work.

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