3 Reasons Why Women are Obsessed With This Employer — And Yes, They Are Hiring

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From the Dove soaps in your shower to the Popsicles in your fridge, you probably use Unilever products everyday. One of the most ubiquitous consumer products companies on Earth, Unilever makes some of the most popular brands ever. And luckily for you, they’re looking for makers at every level of their company. 

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But beyond the bragging rights you get when your company makes Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream... what makes Unilever a great place to work for women? 

1. Unilever takes women’s career growth seriously.

At Unilever, you’re bound to have supportive bosses who want you to succeed. The company is gender balanced at the manager level and above, meaning there are plenty of women role models (and potential mentors!). 

To make sure women are always developing at Unilever, the company offers career counseling,  management and leadership trainings, and mentorship programs. Women at all levels of the company take advantage of these programs, and are encouraged to use time during work to develop their personal skills. 

In short, you’re sure to be surrounded by ambitious women who are making the best career moves possible, all while being supported by their company. That’s cool. 

2. … And offers amazing benefits.

Unilever offers some of the best benefits in the market, proving they care about their employees’ unique needs. Employees benefit from 401(k) matching, employer-subsidized elder care, and 28 days of bereavement leave. On top of that, the company offers remote work options that are available right off the bat. 

Unilever also offers groundbreaking health benefits – such as employer paid IVF treatments and egg freezing through a partnership with Progyny and gender affirmation surgery. 

3. Plus, Unilever was voted the #1 workplace for working moms by Working Mother Media.

And it’s obvious why. To start, Unilever has industry-leading leave policies, offering 19 paid weeks of maternity leave, 11 paid weeks of paternity leave, and 4 paid weeks of adoptive leave. On top of that, the company provides adoption assistance, state-of-the-art mothers’ rooms, free Milk Stork services for women whose jobs require them to travel, and back-up childcare options. 

Working Mother’s Mother of the Year Award Winner Kamilah Knight – Associate Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Unilever – says the company’s flexibility and ample resources allowed her to thrive as a working mother. She was raised by a single mother with limited income, then became a mother herself during her Junior year at Cornell University. Unilever was her first employer, and she has been continually impressed by their dedication to helping mothers succeed. 

“The truth is, working mothers need flexibility, that’s why I am very fortunate to work for a company that cares about and supports working mothers,” Knight wrote on LinkedIn after winning the award. “I have never felt like I had to choose between my career and being a mother. I’ve been present for every significant milestone and precious moment in my daughter’s life while building a satisfying and fulfilling career.”

That’s what we call setting women up for success. 


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