5 Ways to Transform Your Work Closet *Without* Buying New Clothes

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May 25, 2024 at 7:16AM UTC

So many of us spend a ton of money on clothes. I didn’t realize this until I needed to pack up my closet and move across the country. After filling tub after tub with clothes, jackets, shoes and accessories, I was completely exhausted. Does one person need so much clothes? Probably not — but that is another conversation. Let’s narrow down the conversation, and talk about transforming your work closet without buying anything new.

1. Organize and declutter.

Do you really know what's hanging in your closet right now? I just learned I didn’t have a clue what was in my closet. Even while unpacking my boxes and bins, I rediscovered clothes. Our closets can feel like Pandora's box if we don’t organize and declutter every couple of months. It feels good to make space in your closet, so you can breathe and see what you have, what you like and determine what you don’t need. Before transforming your work wear, getting organized is key.  

2. Create your signature style.

Do you have your signature work style? If not, don’t fret. Whether you work with a stylist, or you sift through blogs and YouTube videos to create one yourself, it can be done. When you can create your signature style, you can play in your closet much more effectively. You can experiment with layers, colors and styles within the guise of this one image you want to share with the world. 

3. Think outside of the box.

Now that you have emptied out what you don’t want in your closet and you have defined your signature work style, it is time to get to business. If you don’t want to buy anything else (right now), then you must rethink how to dress yourself. It might be time to consider any of the following ideas: 

  • Wearing different colored tops and bottoms, 

  • Wearing skirts over leggings, tights or other bottoms, 

  • Changing how you wear certain tops,

  • Adding buttons or accessories to certain tops,

  • Incorporating new hair style techniques to accentuate your looks,

  • Improving makeup techniques to enhance your signature look, 

  • and experimenting with the types of shoes you already have and pair with your signature look.

4. Get out of your comfort zone.  

Do you feel 100 percent confident with your body all the time? Most likely not. That is okay. Body confidence is a journey, and somedays are better than others. The point is to keep moving forward on your self-love journey. Fashion can help you fall in love with your body if you give it a chance. In the past, I have struggled with showing my arms or wearing shorts. I know I am not alone with those pain points. The more that I wear clothes that shows my arms and legs, the more comfortable I feel. At first, it is hard to expand your comfort zone. But your future self will be so grateful for all the work you do now. Pushing yourself to wear clothes you own but are a bit afraid of will present a whole new you.     

5. Get resourceful.

If you want to innovate your work style without buying more stuff, it really helps to be more resourceful. Rethink the clothes you own with the help of:

  • Styling blogs  and vlogs,

  • Style books,

  • Social media influencers accounts, 

  • and, of course, fashion magazines.

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