6 Signs Your Attitude Is Ruining Your Work Relationships

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Nicole Pecoraro218
May 19, 2024 at 8:49PM UTC
Your career is an important part of your life. It's an extension of who you are. 
You spend the majority of your week at work, so what happens when you feel like your relationships at work are struggling? If you've noticed a change at work, but you're not sure where the issue stems from, maybe take an internal look at your attitude towards work. 
Maybe your home life is crossing over into work territory, or maybe your job is weighing on you at the moment. Whatever the reason, your outlook towards work could be negatively impacting your work relationships, and you might not even know it. Here are six signs to detect that your attitude is impacting your work — and professional relationships. 

1. You're losing client referrals. 

If you aren't seeing the referrals or return clients you would normally have, it could be that word has got around. Nobody wants to work with a downer. If your attitude is crass or negative, people will seek out someone positive, reassuring and energetic.

2. Coworkers stopped offering help.

 People can sense a bad attitude. If you walk around vibrant and happy, you'll attract people. But anger, frustration, or irritation in the workplace is a surefire repellant. If you want to be a team player, you first need to make sure you have the right attitude to attract the type of team members you want.

3. You're making bad decisions — and people are noticing.

Having a negative attitude makes you quick to act, and not so quick to think before you do so. You might react out of stress or anger, and your snap judgement is flawed. Because of this, you start making mistakes. Whether they are big or small, they matter. And eventually, the residual effects of those mistakes will only lead to more reasons to have a rough attitude if you don't fix the root of the problem — and fast.

4. You're being passed up for opportunities. 

If you think you're able to keep a less than attractive attitude at work without someone taking notice, you're wrong. Eventually you will start being skipped over for promotions, bonus opportunities or needed recommendations because you are a reflection of your employer — and your reputation is one is becoming something they don't want to associate with.

5. You're less confident — and it's affecting your communication.

You can't expect to feel good if your thoughts and actions are constantly mirroring that of a negative and toxic person. You'll stop being able to communicate effectively with staff and coworkers because you lack the confidence to have efficient conversations. You start doubting yourself and in turn, start doubting your ability to complete the tasks at hand.

6. People are complaining about you.

This one is a given. But if you hear that someone had a something bad to say about you and it got back to you, chances are, they weren't the first. And they won't be the last.
Work takes up a huge part of your life. Why make that part surrounded by negativity when there's something you can do about it? Bring in a smile, start every day fresh, try not to take your work home with you (if you can), and exude confidence and positive energy. People want to surround themselves with others that will make them feel goodIf you're not feeling good about yourself, your job, your coworkers or your position at work, eventually people will stop wanting to be social with you, because they will start to see the negativity in themselves.
Nobody is perfect. And not every day is going to be your best, most exciting day ever. But if you're finding that the majority of your time at work is more unsatisfying and frustrating than fulfilling, it's time to make some changes. Surround yourself with positive people and get yourself back to a productive and rewarding place at work. Everything will turn around before you know it.

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Nicole is a realtor, divorced mom of three, and ally to the transgender community. As a mom who achieved her graduate degree alongside growing her family, she understands the importance of finding a work/life balance. Follow her on her blog where she focuses on family, parenting, divorce, and experiences of raising a young transgender child. 

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