All Employees Have an Equal Opportunity At This Company — Here’s How That Benefits Working Moms

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Image courtesy of Computershare.

Image courtesy of Computershare.

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July 13, 2024 at 12:4AM UTC

For mothers, finding a workplace that will provide the flexibility you require is a necessity. Luckily, at Computershare, you’ll find that in spades!

From day one, Computershare employees receive the support that they need to balance their professional and personal lives — whether you need to take care of your family, go to school, take military leave, or take time away from work to volunteer.

This isn’t where the support ends either. The Computershare team has access to flexible learning opportunities, are empowered to make appropriate decisions in their roles, and the ability to balance work and life. At Computershare, working patterns are based on individual role and responsibilities, so there’s no one-size-fits-all work style. Instead, it's a collaboration between employees and their managers.

And, for those who are returning to work after a career break or seeking a change in their career, Computershare's continuous support and development programs can help you make the most of your talents and open up a world of new opportunities!

Does this sound intriguing? To learn more about what this flexibility and support looks like first-hand, we reached out to working moms (and a mom-to-be!) at Computershare. Here’s what they have to say…

What working moms have to say about working at Computershare.

Amy Perras, Global Head of Portfolio Marketing, Canton, MA US

“As both a parent and a manager of others who are parents at Computershare, I am proud to say that my company fully supports the always-on needs of parents. All the way around the organization those in executive and non-executive roles not only recognize the needs of working parents but even more importantly, make deliberate steps to help them achieve their goals in both arenas, home and at work. With some roles offering flexible work arrangements to toolkits, employee resource groups and time off programs, there is both cultural and structural support. It is because of this critical support that working parents at Computershare can thrive.“

Jenna Mclean, Manager, Canadian Facilities, Vancouver, CA

“When I came back from maternity leave, I had a lot of fears, would I have been forgotten? Would I be seen just as a “mom”? And would I still be good at my job? Before my return, my new boss called to get to know me, what projects I wanted to work on, what schedule worked for me, how I wanted to work and what I wanted to do. I cannot begin to explain the sense of relief I felt. I remembered that I had an employer who not only was welcoming me back after maternity leave, but also providing me the flexibility and encouragement I needed to seamlessly integrate my roles as a mom and a professional. His, and my teams support, has made all the difference!”

Hazel Gardner, Product Owner, Edinburgh

“What makes Computershare a great place to work is, in short, the people. I am a single parent of two teenage girls who is fully supported by hybrid working. Returning to the workplace after a career break, I was quickly given new opportunities, trusted, and supported to restore my confidence and simply pick up my career where I left it.”

Wendy Yan, Vice President, Hong Kong

“When I became a mother, I could not have asked for a more supportive working environment. My manager was so inspiring with the level of understanding that he gave me. Through a combination of working from home and flexible working hours, I have been able to balance my role as a parent, whilst continuing to pursue my career. I consider myself extremely lucky to have a career with such phenomenal support and exceptional work-life balance, which is individual to my life.” 

How Computershare provides a world of opportunities for all people!

Early this year, Computershare announced that they were updating their family leave program in the United States to include more paid parental leave. This change to their leave benefits is another way that Computershare is able to support employees with family responsibilities and aligns with their policy to treat all employees fairly while celebrating diversity. 

Sharyn S. Bilenker. Senior Vice President, Private Markets

“I’m thrilled that Computershare adopted a comprehensive family leave policy that not only supports those who physically gave birth, but partners and adoptive couples as well. At Computershare, our employees are our most valuable asset.’’

From global opportunities, professional development support, and continuous learning opportunities, an employee share plan, and employee resource groups (ERGs) that strive to promote inclusion, increase representation, and ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity — Computershare is a great place to be a working parent! Head this way to find out more about the benefits and rewards that they offer. You can also read some of their employee’s stories and find out how Computershare supports career progression here.

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