13 Lifestyle Apps for the Modern Millennial

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July 22, 2024 at 7:46PM UTC
  • For mental and reproductive health, check out Clue, TalkSpace, Noonlight and Headspace.
  • For fitness and healthy eating, download FitOn, MyFitnessPal and the Nike Training App.
  • Popular finance apps include Mint, Acorns and Venmo.

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Looking to learn how to take care of your reproductive and mental health? Want help staying active and eating well? Need to know the best ways to network? These apps are here to lend a hand!

Reproductive health, mental health and safety

1. Clue

Not sure how to track your period or when you're ovulating? Get (a) Clue! Clue is an invaluable app that every millennial woman living in the 21st century should have. It uses science to predict when your next menstruation cycle is, when you'll be ovulating, your fertility and cycle health. The app is immensely popular (rating 4.8 stars on Apple with over 200,000 reviews). Women especially appreciate the feature for PMS predictions, as users are able to input data to track their moods, cramps and general health patterns. 

2. TalkSpace

Let's face it — we're all busy, whether it's with work, family, fitness or other responsibilities. This can cause us to neglect of self-care. Therapy is an excellent choice for anyone to develop the tools and guidance to feel better and improve their mental health. If seeing a therapist in person isn't possible with your busy schedule, download Talkspace, the top-rated online tool to connect with licensed, qualified and verified therapists on your time. Once you're matched with a therapist, you'll see them consistently and can text or chat with them. There's even an option for video sessions. The best part is that many employers and health plans offer discounts for TalkSpace, so be sure to reach out to your HR department to ask. If not, there are always some special codes available on TalkSpace's website.

3.  Noonlight

Walking alone, especially as a woman, can be terrifying. Noonlight (formerly known as SafeTrek) is a safety app that has connected over 2 million people. Users can click a button that will trigger an alarm in all emergency situations. The app also partners with Tinder, so if you or a friend is on a questionable or unsafe date, you can relay your location to the police. The app costs a mere $2.99, but your safety is priceless.

4. Headspace

Are you stressed? Wish you could meditate better? Then Headspace is the app for you. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can be as easy as simply downloading the app and allocating a few minutes of your day to achieving your zen. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced meditator, guided meditation techniques can be useful for anyone. For millennial women, this app teaches one important lesson: just breathe.

Fitness and healthy eating

5. FitOn

Going to a gym can be expensive, and not everyone has the means to sign up for a membership or has the time. FitOn is a great app that offers free, premium workouts, whether you're a yogi, looking to tone your arms through pilates and torch some serious calories through HIIT or bootcamp or trying to bulk up and build some lean muscle. FitOn offers the option of joining "live" classes that are scheduled or you can join them at your convenience. Stop paying to work out, now! Spend those extra bucks on avocado toast, in a true millennial fashion. 

6. Nike Training App

If running is more your speed, then the Nike Training app is the best option for you. This app helps you reach your fitness goals not only through running, along with bodyweight exercises and other fitness programs. The app offers a variety of ways to get fit on your time with the help of experienced Nike instructors. If you're the type of woman that needs more than just bodyweight exercises, feel free to add weights to make these workouts even more challenging.

7.  MyFitnessPal

As a millennial woman, I have to allocate at least an hour each week to go grocery shopping and another few hours for meal prep and crafting healthy lunch and dinner options. MyFitnessPal is a great tool to supplement your exercise routine, as it tracks your calorie intake throughout the day. The app is very efficient: you simply type the food you have consumed and it will populate with a (pretty accurate) estimate of how many calories that equates to. The app is prepared to quantify over 11 million foods. (Just in case you're wondering, a glass of red wine is 125 calories.)  Remember, abs are made in the kitchen, not just in the gym.

News and networking

8. The New York Times

In a world that's constantly evolving, we encourage all of our women (of all ages) to be fully aware of what global and local issues are relevant. The New York Times app (offered with a subscription) is an excellent choice to stay connected to current events and engage in news and opinion pieces that shape all aspects of life. All users can access a sampling of free articles monthly, but with a subscription you can get access to over 25 sections. There's news for everyone, whether you're a fashion enthusiast, crossword-puzzle fan or an avid reader of the "Love" columns.

9.  Daily Skimm

If an additional subscription isn't up your alley, do not fret. The Daily Skimm is an excellent daily newsletter that's free and a convenient tool to keep up with the world's happenings in just 10 minutes. When you wake up each day, you'll receive an email with an overview of the latest news and links to the relevant articles. The best part is that this app is free and condenses information in simple and easy-to-read versions, which is exactly the millennial way.

10. Bumble BFF

If you have recently moved to a new city or are simply looking for new gal pals, Bumble BFF is a wonderful tool to expand your social circle or even network professionally. All millennial women should consider downloading this app — it provides an opportunity to create authentic friendships, check out new local bars and restaurants or simply connect to another individual who may share the same hobbies and passions as you. Bumble BFF has received great reviews, and just in case you're looking to switch to the dating aspect of this app, the option to create a profile to find your soulmate also exists.


11. Mint

Being a millennial woman is expensive — think of the costs of brunches, weekly mani-pedis, student loan payments, rent and Whole Foods grocery lists. Mint is a highly-recommended app for tracking your budget and effortlessly managing your expenses. The app combines all of your accounts, bills and credit scores and helps you curate budgets that are personalized for you and your financial needs. You'll never miss a payment because the app will remind you when you have an upcoming bill and assist you with your personal finances. Not sure if you can afford your friend's bridal shower? Don't worry — Mint will tell you how much you have to budget for it.

12.  Acorns

You've probably heard that investing is a great way in which people grow their financial wealth passively. Acorns is an app in which users connect their debit or credit card and invest their spare change from purchases. Millennials especially appreciate the way the app eliminates guesswork about ways to invest and doesn't charge a commission. You may not become a millionaire overnight, but you'll certainly be one step closer to learning more about investment strategies and passive income.

13. Venmo

Forgot to charge your friends for the rounds of drinks you shared Saturday night? How about that girls' trip you booked to Scottsdale? Venmo is a great app that's a fun and easy way to send, spend and receive money. You can charge your friends or receive payments from them by linking the app to your bank account. Never again worry about having to carry cash in that wallet of yours.
This is a non-comprehensive list of apps that are crucial to help navigate the various aspects of a millennial woman's life. Be sure to check them out and see which ones are your favorite.

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