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5 Newsletters That Should Be in Every Smart Working Woman’s Inbox
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Kaitlin Bitting@fgb,

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a busy woman who’s bouncing from project to project during your workday, leaving little time to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world. Even when you do find yourself with a few spare minutes between tasks, perhaps you don’t know where to start to get the most well-rounded content in the least amount of time. 

An easy, underrated solution to staying informed? The email newsletter. Whether sent daily or weekly, a selection of curated articles will help direct your attention to content you most need to know about on a variety of subjects. Here are five of the best newsletters that should be in every smart working woman's inbox.

1. Fairygodboss

Obviously you’re familiar with the site that seeks to improve the workplace for women (you’re here, right?) but did you know Fairygodboss has a newsletter? The weekly digest provides the stories that matter most when it comes to improving or enhancing your career. From how to be late to why you should stop using exclamation points in emails to how to tell if you’re CEO material, Fairygodboss has you covered when it comes to staying informed on all things work-related.

2. TheSkimm

Billed as a way to make it easier for female millennials to live smarter, theSkimm is delivered to inboxes first thing in the morning every weekday. It breaks down the most important news of the day in an approachable, conversational way--picture your best friend explaining health care reform or foreign policy. The company has since expanded to include an app and, most recently, a podcast, but the newsletter theSkimm was founded upon remains a simple, enjoyable way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world.

3. Girls’ Night In

The newsletter for women who’d rather stay in than go out (admit it, that's all of us sometimes), the mission of Girls’ Night In is “to help women relax, recharge, and cultivate more meaningful community in an increasingly lonely and stressful world.” Delivered every Friday morning, the newsletter includes Picks of the Week (what they’re doing on a night in) and Smart Reads of the Week (news that’s group text worthy). Girls’ Night In also has its own book club that has both an online and IRL component and is expanding to more cities on a regular basis.

4. The Everygirl

Created to provide both guidance and inspiration for women on subjects ranging from finances to fashion and everything in between, The Everygirl covers it all. Founded by two women who met through blogging and had a mutual goal of giving those like them--women with “endless dreams but no idea where to begin” — a go-to online destination, the site and its accompanying newsletter provide must-reads of the week and interviews with inspirational girl bosses, as well as fashion, beauty and wellness tips. It’s your smart one-stop shop for all things lifestyle-related.

5. Pocket

At its core, Pocket is an app and plugin that allows you to save articles, videos and other online content to read later--even without an internet connection, making it perfect for airplane-mode reading. Its accompanying newsletter, Pocket Hits, is sent out according to your preferred frequency (anywhere from daily to monthly) and provides subscribers with the buzziest stories from a number of publications. If you’re looking for a way to ensure you’re up to speed on the articles most likely to be discussed around the proverbial water cooler, Pocket Hits is it.

Staying up to speed on what’s happening in the world doesn’t have to be arduous if you let these email newsletters do the work for you. Whether it's a daily newsletter, a weekly newsletter or a monthly newsletter, you can get your fix. Do you have a preferred e-mail newsletter?


Kaitlin Bitting is a vice president of public relations and a certified health & wellness coach. She's passionate about helping people find the motivation to create lasting, positive change in their lives, whether personal or professional. Learn more at kaitlinbitting.com.

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