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Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five c...

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What To Do If You Think You’ve Been Sexually Harassed at Work

From SEZGIN KHOUSADIAN LLP Sometimes it starts with something that may seem as innocent as an introductory handshake perhaps a few seconds too long. Sometimes it’s his hand grazing her arm or shoulder while commending her on her hard work. Sometimes it’s a qui...

pumping breastmilk rights

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Pumping At Work: Your Legal Rights and Protections

Do You Have The Legal Right To Pump Breastmilk At Work? It’s hard to believe, but the answer to this question is only “Maybe.” Under a provision called “Break Time for Nursing Mothers” in the 2010 Affordable Care Act, a federal law popularl...

maternity leave plan

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How To Create A Maternity Leave Plan

You may be wondering what a maternity leave plan is. Simply put, it’s a document that includes what you will be doing before, during and after your maternity leave. It is not legally required and may not be something anyone at work tells you to do, but creating a maternit...

Standing out

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17 Ways to Stand Out During an Interview

If you’re like most people, you walk into an interview situation feeling slightly nervous but in an overall, hopeful mood. After all, you’ve made it past the initial resume screen and know you’ve written an effective cover letter. At this point, you pr...

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Career Planning: When To Have Children, Childcare Costs and Whether to Take A Career Break

One of the most powerful and famous lines in Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “ Lean In ” was “Don’t leave before you leave.” What Sandberg was referring to is the notion that women start planning for their future work-life balance before it&rsquo...

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70+ Companies That Offer Mentoring or Sponsorship Programs

As almost everyone with a successful career can attest, having a mentor or sponsor can make a huge difference at work. For women, having a mentor or sponsor is particularly important since we have been shown to have weaker professional links and career networks [cite]. The probl...


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50 Great Career Resources for Women

There are many great resources online for women looking for community, support, education, events and other resources to advance their careers. The following 50 organizations have a lot to offer women in the workplace. Some are focused on women working in a particular industry, ...

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Pregnancy, Maternity Leave, and Paternity Leave in Washington State

Maternity and paternity leave for employees working in Washington state is a right under federal and state law, for certain eligible employees. In addition, birth mothers may be entitled to take additional time off under a state anti-discrimination law. How Much Maternity L...

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Pregnancy and Maternity Leave for Louisiana Employees

If you’re pregnant and work in the state of Louisiana, you may have a right to maternity leav e under federal and Louisiana state laws. FMLA and The Louisiana Fair Employment Practices Act FMLA is a federal law that applies to certain employers and employees. If ...

Baltimore, Maryland

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Maternity and Paternity Leave for Maryland Employees

If you’re pregnant and interested in learning about your maternity leave rights in Maryland, we’ve tried to summarize the high-level things you should know about how much leave you can take and whether you have any other related maternity leave rights. Please note th...

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Maternity and Paternity Leave in Maine

In addition to any maternity or paternity leave benefits your employer may offer, the Maine Family Medical Leave Act (MFLMA) and federal law also offer pregnant and new parents some rights and protections when it comes to taking time off after the birth of a child or adoption....

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Maternity Leave and Short Term Disability in Hawaii: An Overview of What You Should Know

Most American women do not receive any rights to paid family leave but if you’re a pregnant woman working in the State of Hawaii, or you are expecting your spouse to have a child, you are in luck. The state of Hawaii provides three different laws that provide for paid m...

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Massachusetts Maternity Leave: Your Rights and Overview

The Masachusetts Maternity Leave Act (or MMLA ) gives qualifying women and men up to 8 weeks of job-protected leave for the birth or adoption of a child under the age of 18. How Do I Qualify for Maternity Leave Under MMLA? If you have worked at a company with at least 6...

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Vermont Parental Leave: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Vermont Pregnancy, Maternity and Paternity FAQs In all of our research about state and federal laws applying to maternity leave, one of the clearest and most concise explanations we’ve seen exists on the State of Vermont’s website here . Please note that whil...

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Maternity Leave Rights and Laws

If you’re a pregnant employee in Wisconsin looking to find out whether you qualify for maternity leave, you’re better off than most American women. Wisconsin state law provides unpaid parental leave protections in case you do not qualify for the federal leave law, ...

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Tennesee and Federal Laws on Maternity Leave and Pregnancy

Employees and employers in Tennessee are subject to federal law when it comes to maternity and paternity leave under the Family Medical leave Act, or FMLA . If for some reason you don’t qualify for FMLA, you may also take advantage of Tennessee’s state parental leav...

Montana state

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Maternity Leave and Pregnancy Rights in Montana

How Much Maternity Leave Do I Get in Montana? Depending on whether you are eligible for FMLA , you may receive up to 12 weeks of job-protected pay under this federal law within the 1 year following your birth or adoption of a child. FMLA is a federal law that is gender neu...

New Hampshire flag

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Pregnancy and Maternity Leave in New Hampshire

If you’re pregnant or planning on taking maternity leave  as an employee in New Hampshire, you may be wondering what your rights are. New Hampshire employees are all covered by both federal and state laws regarding pregnancy and maternity leave rights but n...

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