25 Fashion Blogs From Around The World That Will Leave You Inspired

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May 30, 2024 at 1:10PM UTC
There are an overwhelming number of fashion blogs in the world — so many that, ironically, it can be difficult to choose which style bloggers to follow. Whether you're looking for style tips, wardrobe inspiration, or information about the latest fashion trends, here are the best 25 fashion blogs from around the world whose high-quality content will leave you inspired.
Blogger, model, and image consultant Aleali May has been a part of the fashion industry since 2010, working with Louis Vuitton and the streetwear brand, RSVP Gallery Chicago, while she was still a student at Chicago’s Columbia College. Since then, May has worked with several other well-known brands, including Nike, Audi USA, and Adidas. She launched her eponymous blog to share her work and post about everything from fashion and lifestyle to travel and entertainment.
Blogger Julie Sariñana has been publishing fashion photography and writing on her site since 2009. Born in Mexico, Sariñana was raised in Los Angeles, where she is currently based. Sariñana is a lover of street style, a lifestyle influencer, and the owner/creative director of her own line, Shop Sincerely Jules. Both the clothes worn by Sariñana in her personal style posts and the items sold on her site share the same elegant-bohemian style.
Patrice J. Williams is the blogger and expert thrifter behind Looking Fly on a Dime, a blog dedicated to help readers look good for less. An experienced fashion journalist, Williams offers “accessible style advice” (which is a big deal, given that many fashion outlets feature items like a plain white t-shirt with a $68 price tag), chronicles her thrift store finds (living in New York, she gets her hands on some pretty amazing pre-owned goodies), and gives plenty of thrift shopping tips.
For the fashion lover who cares just as much about what their wearing under their clothes, there’s The Lingerie Addict. Run by Founder and Editor-in-Chief Cora Harrington, the blog covers lingerie releases and boutiques, gives advice about purchasing undergarments, and highlights sales. It's also a Body Snark Free Zone, where body shaming is strictly forbidden and inclusivity is the goal.
Singapore blogger Yoyo Cao entered the fashion industry long before launching her blog, Yoyokulala, in 2016. She became one of the southeast Asian city-state’s most internationally well-known social media stars a few years ago, working with major brands such as Bulgari, Chanel, Fendi, and Dior. Cao has also been featured in Vogue, runs her own clothing line called Exhibit, and was on the cover of Elle Singapore in August 2016. Her blog is a way for followers to get “a wider glimpse into her world,” and covers fashion, art, travel, and lifestyle.
Danielle Bernstein’s New York-based style blog, We Wore What, is a mainstay on “best fashion blogs” lists. She launched the site to provide readers with outfit inspirations because she feels that “getting dressed in the morning should be the easiest part of your day.” Though she never shows her face in photos, wanting instead for readers’ primary focus to be on the clothes, Bernstein’s personal style has built a significant following. The blog covers everything from outfit inspo and menswear to travel and interior design.
This fashion and lifestyle blog is run by Zimbabwean blogger Tendai Kamusikiri. The name of her blog is inspired by her childhood nickname, but the inspiration for the blog itself came to her during college. She was intrigued by South African fashion at the time (“Everyone was bold, sassy, and they all seemed free, and so I wanted to bring that feel into my world,” she said in an interview with Afrobloggers), but she didn’t know of any comparable fashion retailers in Zimbabwe’s capital of Harare. She also didn’t know of any bloggers who were covering the country’s fashion scene, and so, in 2012, her site was born. She does fashion event coverage, writes item reviews, shares personal style posts, and writes about beauty and wellness. She also hosts Style Sessions, a brunch series that seeks to connect women in business so that they can network and inspire each other.
Marie Denee is the founder and “editor-in-chic” of The Curvy Fashionista, a plus-size fashion blog she launched in 2008. She was inspired to create her blog after spending 12 years working in the retail industry, where she saw just how much difficulty many plus-size shoppers have in finding stylish clothes their size. Her blog is a frequently updated, one-stop-shop for news about plus-size fashion, designers, retailers and events — with some technology news mixed in, because Denee is a self-described “techie at heart.”
Hana Tajima is a Muslim British-Japanese designer and visual artist whose self-titled blog (formerly know as stylecovered.com) helped to propel her fashion career. The child of two artists, Tajima has said that because of the “juxtaposition of cultures in (her) life” there is “a side of (her) obsessed with simplicity and the beauty of the unseen that is very Japanese, and then this rebellious, rather eccentric aspect that comes out of (her) experiences growing up in England.” This unique style is evident in all of Tajima’s work, from her women’s clothing line, MAYSAA, to her 2015 collaboration with UNIQLO. The blog serves as a space for her to showcase her work and provide plenty of fashion inspiration.
Claire Sulmers launched the Fashion Bomb Daily in 2006, getting in on the fashion blog game early to create a space to celebrate multicultural fashion. The site features posts about celebrity style, high-end fashion, indie designers, hair, and beauty. However, Fashion Bomb Daily is probably best known for its regular features, including Fashion Bombshell of the Day, in which a fashionable reader from around the world is highlighted, and How Do You Wear It, where readers are given advice on how to pull off trickier fashion trends.
Ari Seth Cohen created Advanced Style to focus on “capturing the sartorial savvy of the senior set.” Cohen, who is a 30-something photographer and author with an interest in fashion, has always had a connection with older people, which he attributes to the close relationship he had with his late grandmother. For this reason, he was bothered by the lack of representation older people received in the fashion world. So, he started his blog, photographing and profiling seniors with impeccable street style. He has also released two “Advanced Style” books, a coloring book, and in 2014, he released a documentary of the same name.
Blogger Jessie Holeva’s writing career started early. She landed her first writing job when she was only 16 and began doing radio at 19, but when she finished college at 21, she realized she did not want a 9-to-5. Instead, she decided to wait tables while focusing the bulk of her energy on building a career in fashion reporting. She now blogs about fashion on a “real-girl budget” on her self-titled blog (formerly TrendHungry.com), does radio and TV appearances, and frequently appears on QVC where she discusses items from Lori Goldstein’s LOGO brand.
Gabi Gregg (a.k.a Gabi Fresh) is one of the most popular plus-size fashion bloggers around. She launched her blog in 2008, when she was fresh out of college with aspirations of becoming a fashion reporter and no real experience. Like many of the women featured on this list, she decided to launch her blog to hone and display her talents. She decided to focus on fashion “for younger, trendier women sizes 14 and up” who are often ignored by the fashion world. Her blog is all about having fun with fashion, disregarding “fashion rules,” and “reject(ing) the notion of ‘dressing for your body type.’” She’s done television appearances on shows like “The Today Show” and “Good Morning, America,” has been featured in major publications like Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Instyle, and her work has been featured by outlets such as Refinery29, Essence.com and xoJane. However, many people probably know her from her work with Target’s Ava & Viv line.
London blogger Ella Gregory founded her lifestyle blog when she was only 16 years old. Inspired by Elle Magazine, she decided to pursue a career in fashion and blogged about her passion while studying at the University for the Creative Arts. After graduating, she decided to focus on her blog full-time, and fortunately for her, the gamble paid off. Coco’s Tea Party has been going strong for over 10 years, focusing on “attainable style inspiration for fashion-savvy young professionals.”
A Seoul-born and Warsaw-raised blogger, photographer, digital consultant, and graphic designer, Shini Park runs Park & Cube. Though the majority of her posts are about fashion and photography, Park covers a wide-ranging assortment of topics, including food, gadgets, travel and DIY projects. In fact, in 2014 Park, who is currently based in London, released a book with Kit Lee titled, “Adorn: 25 DIY Stylish Fashion Products.”
Hassanah El-Yacoubi is the blogger behind Perfect for Her, a blog that proves modest clothing doesn’t have to be boring. El-Yacoubi, who is originally from Virginia but currently lives in California, describes PFH as a space that “promotes persons, places, and things that are Hijabi friendly,” from everything from the clothing to the breathable, Inglot-brand nail enamels available for purchase on the site (to ensure that water is able to touch every part of the arms and face when washing before prayer). What’s more, the clothes she posts are beautiful. The site is full of photos of brightly colored dresses, eye-catching patterns and striking silhouettes.
Chinese-Australian blogger, stylist, photographer, director, and writer Margaret Zhang runs the blog. Zhang, who is now based in New York, launched her site in 2009 while she was studying at the University of Sydney. Over time, she began to work with major brands, including Chanel, Gucci, UNIQLO, Dior, and Louis Vuitton. She has also modeled, and her work has appeared in major fashion publications, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue and Nylon. Zhang’s stunning fashion photography is the main focus of Shine By Three, but she also muses about life, culture, and fashion in her blog posts.
“Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life,” reads the intro to Finland-born, London-based blogger Sandra Hagelstam’s bio on her blog. Hagelstam launched the site in 2010 after having begun studying fashion design and marketing at the London College of Fashion a year prior. It’s now one of the most popular fashion blogs in the U.K., covering fashion, lifestyle, high-end travel, and of course, shoes.
19. Man Repeller   
Founded by Leandra Medine, Man Repeller launched in 2010 with the core belief that style is an important method of self-expression. It’s probably best known as a fashion blog, however the site also covers wellness, culture, feminism, entertainment (“The Bachelorette” recaps!), and more — and all with a healthy dose of humor.
Annie Vazquez, of the award-winning The Fashion Poet blog, is one of the leading fashion bloggers in Miami. She has organized several fashion events in her city, including Miami’s very first Fashion Blogger’s Night Out, regularly features items by Miami designers on her site, and even has a jewelry line called “Lil Miss Miami.” Her work has run in several mainstream fashion publications, including Elle, Vogue, Refinery29, and Marie Claire, and she has worked with household names like Coach, Forever 21, Express, H&M, and more.
Michigan blogger and Howard University alumna (Hey, Bison!) Tiffany M. Battle took a somewhat roundabout route to becoming a fashion blogger. After getting a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, Battle landed a position as a process engineer at a large semiconductor company. However, somewhere along the way this STEM professional began to focus on fashion in her effort to “become a student of life.” After attending Paris Fashion Week in 2012, Battle launched The Werk! Place, a blog that not only focuses on personal style but also “travel, success, failure, and transition.”
This one deserves a spot on this list just for the name alone. Sixty-something blogger Patti Gibbons blogs about fashion, aging, and beauty, all while advocating for women over the age of 40 in the fashion world with her weekly Visibility Monday series. A self-described “wife, professional, auntie and crazy cat lady,” Gibbons encourages her readers to break the rules, be themselves, and continue to have fun with fashion.
And while we’re discussing great blog names — Kathleen Barnes’ Carrie Bradshaw Lied boasts both a great title and excellent coverage of affordable fashion. Barnes launched her site in 2010 because after graduating from the University of Mississippi, she realized that “life after college wasn’t as effortlessly fabulous and sprinkled with sparkle as Carrie Bradshaw led (her) to believe post-grad life might be.” Currently based in southern California, Barnes focuses on wallet-friendly, laidback personal style.
Founded by Megan Collins in 2012, this one originally started as a favor for a friend with a new custom suiting company. He wanted Collins to create a blog for his site, but she felt that she didn’t have enough experience in men’s fashion to pull it off. Instead, he suggested she write about what women want men to wear, and thus, The Style Girlfriend was born. The site now boasts a six-woman team, covering everything from men’s style and grooming to travel.
Lyn Slater is the Accidental Icon. A professor at Fordham University's Graduate School of Social Service, this 60-something blogger first gained the fashion world’s attention while she was simply waiting for a friend outside Lincoln Center. Coincidentally, this happened during New York Fashion Week, and Slater, who happened to be wearing a fabulous Yohji Yamamoto suit at the time, was spotted by photographers who assumed she had to be some important figure in the fashion world. Slater approached all of it with a healthy dose of humor, but it did inspire her to launch her own blog, dedicated to women “who are not famous or celebrities but are smart, creative, fashion forward, fit, thoughtful, engaged, related and most importantly clear and comfortable with who they are.”
Lauren McEwen is an Atlanta-based freelance writer and social media manager for the Harry Potter fan series "Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis." 

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