Here’s Your Chance To Find A Job Somewhere That ‘Sets The Bar For Women In Tech’

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May 30, 2024 at 1:13PM UTC
No company is perfect. But some employers are doing so many incredible things to make their employees as happy as possible. If you have an inkling that you don’t work at one of these companies, you’re probably in the majority. But you’re also in luck. 
Why? Because we’ve heard from lots of different women at one particular company that is doing a lot of things right — and you may be able to find a job there. Salesforce — described by one employee as a “wonderful company [that] I couldn't recommend more highly” — is hiring a ton right now.  

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If the idea that Salesforce is a “wonderful company” sounds familiar, that’s because you may recall that in 2015, the company’s CEO, Marc Benioff, conducted a compensation audit to determine whether there was a gender pay gap among Salesforce employees. He publicly announced the initiative, putting his company’s reputation on the line; moreoverwhen he discovered that there was indeed a pay gap, he put a plan in place (with $3 million in funding) to fix it. 
Salesforce’s commitment to equality didn’t stop there. This past spring, the company announced that it spent another $3 million to help close the gender pay gap. In an Equal Pay Assessment update that was published in April, Cindy Robbins, Salesforce’s president and chief people officer, wrote, “At Salesforce, equality is a core value, and we're taking action to advance equality across four key areas: equal pay, equal opportunity, equal education and equal rights. This year, we increased the scope of our [equal pay] assessment, evaluating salaries, as well as bonuses globally. We also looked at differences in pay for not only gender, but also race and ethnicity in the U.S.”
Robbins added that “Eleven percent of employees received adjustments following our second assessment, and Salesforce spent approximately $3 million to address any unexplained differences in pay. All salary changes for employees were made on April 1, 2017.”
Salesforce’s unwavering devotion to gender equality, is, unsurprisingly, a hit with employees. One woman who reviewed her work experience on Fairygodboss reported that her “CEO is very forward-thinking and promotes diversity.”
Another explained how Salesforce’s commitment to equal pay has played a large role in why she feels so good about her job: “This is a company that has set the standard for gender equality and equal pay for employees. We were the first company, in the world, to do a comprehensive survey of over 25k employees to ensure that women and men were paid fairly. That is the icing on the multi-layered cake.”
Yet another employee agreed; in reviewing Salesforce on Fairygodboss, she wrote: “Salesforce is a great place for women. Our CEO reviews wages to ensure that there is no gender bias behind pay packets — same money for the same job.” 
She added that “Flexibility is fabulous; as long as my job gets done there is plenty of room to be flexible with hours and work location. We have great benefits and culture — every week there is something different in the office to bring staff together.”
Other employees are also pretty big fans of Salesforce’s encouragement of flexible and remote work (how could you not be?!). The company’s leaders understand that when employees and their families are happy and healthy, they can bring their best selves to work every day.  
One woman writes on Fairygodboss that she loves being able to work remotely and that she feels very trusted. And building this kind of trust and results-oriented approach — as opposed to one that values facetime, above all else — is such a key in keeping employees energized and productive.
Women at the company also report that while the tech industry is not necessarily known for being the most inclusive or supportive industry for women, “Salesforce sets the bar for women working in tech, and it just keeps getting better.” 
One employee explains that there’s “excellent maternity leave; managers [are] helpful to parents' schedules. As a woman, tell them what you want and most likely they will make it happen. Don't be afraid to just ask for it.” Having a boss who’s approachable when it comes to these kinds of requests can be such a game-changer (so if you don’t, you should probably take a look at Salesforce’s job openings ASAP). 
The bottom line is that when you go to work, you should be treated like the #bosslady you are — and your company should be taking some very clear steps to ensure that your voice, along with everyone else’s, is heard and valued. If you’re not getting those vibes, it’s time to consider working at a place that “wants women to succeed” where “opportunity is everywhere.” You deserve it!
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