How This Sales Director Elevated Her Sales Career

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Photo Courtesy of Thomson Reuters

Photo Courtesy of Thomson Reuters

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May 19, 2024 at 6:11PM UTC

For Stephanie Oliver, working for a leading technology company with a supportive culture has always been integral to a great work experience. Thankfully, it’s something she’s found at Thomson Reuters.

Since joining the organization five years ago, Oliver has taken advantage of the many mentorship programs and credits the supportive environment for her career development. Today, Oliver who is Director of Sales, Small-Mid Tax Professionals, is giving back her time by coaching and mentoring her sales development managers. As a leader in her field, she also believes in the power of the collective. “I like to seek input and feedback from all team members and stakeholders and make a guided decision together. “

Recently, Oliver shared with us how Thomson Reuters has stepped up during the pandemic and is offering each employee 10 extra PTO days of “COVID-19 leave” that can be used for yourself if you are ill, or to take care of close family members. She also shares some great insights on how to take risks to elevate your career in sales, as well as the skills and qualities she looks for in candidates. 

How long have you been at Thomson Reuters and what about the company first made you want to join? 

I have been at Thomson Reuters for 5 years. I was attracted to Thomson Reuters because of their innovative technology and quality of content in the markets they serve, as well as the team culture within the organization.

Tell me a little about your current role. What about this work excites you? 

As Director of Sales Development in our Small-Mid Tax Professionals Market, I enjoy coaching and mentoring my sales development managers and their teams to be successful and grow in their careers. In this role, I am also blessed to work with our leaders of solutions consultants and training and onboarding and their teams. Together, my team and I support the growth of our segment and make strong contributions to the success of our department and clients.

How would you describe your leadership style? 

I would describe my leadership style as leading by example, being curious, and hands-on. I do my best to avoid assuming that I have every answer and that my way is the right way when looking at a situation. I like to seek input and feedback from all team members and stakeholders and make a guided decision together. I also look to make continuous improvements and promote open feedback, so that we are all continuously evolving and challenging the status quo.

What are a few qualities you look for when you’re interviewing a candidate for a sales role? 

I look for someone who is passionate, competitive, curious, and motivated to succeed. “No’s” are hard to hear and we get a lot of them in sales before we get to the yes’s! You definitely need to stay motivated to succeed and be passionate and overcome these objections. You have to stay curious to learn about our products and our clients and identify the right solutions with our clients’ needs. 

What benefits or programs has Thomson Reuters offered you that have contributed to your success? 

Our company has so many wonderful benefits. We have a sales skills board for ongoing learning, mentor programs, fitness membership reimbursements, and of course medical and retirement benefits. In addition, we have so many great networks, Business Resource Groups we can join to learn more about other parts of the business and connect with peers in other areas. The BRGs also promote Global Diversity and Inclusion. I have participated in our BRG group Women@TR and it has impacted my own personal development.

How does Thomson Reuters help you maintain a work-life balance and practice wellbeing? 

2020 is a perfect example of how Thomson Reuters focused on employee wellbeing and work-life balance. Each employee was given 10 extra PTO days of “COVID-19 leave” that could be used for yourself if you were ill, taking care of a family member, or for gaps in childcare. We have many flexible programs to promote wellbeing including the introduction a new company Mental Health Day off and access to the daily mindfulness and meditation app Headspace. 

Who has been your biggest mentor or supporter?

I have had so many wonderful mentors and supporters and I have had the benefit of participating in so many amazing programs at Thomson Reuters to enhance my own development. My husband is first and foremost my biggest supporter. Fellow females in sales and leadership that I meet with regularly to empower and motivate each other and support each other in our growth and development. My most recent mentors that have had a huge impact on my development and provided great support are my former director and now friend Robert Beattie, mentor and now peer Larry Goeckner, and my senior executive mentor Heather Walker as well as the other leaders both on my team and other teams that I am blessed to work with within my division — I can rely on any of them to provide me with candid and honest feedback.

What advice do you have for women who are looking to elevate their career in sales? 

Go for it, bring your best self every day, and know that may be a different version of you each day given the challenges you are facing! Taking calculated risks and challenging the status quo will pay off in the long run. Don’t be afraid to fail fast and make some mistakes, but learn from them and use them to make yourself better!


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