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Want to wear a white blazer to work but not sure how to rock it? You really can't go wrong if you dress yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. But, of course, wearing white can be tricky nonetheless.

After all, there are all these arbitrary rules as to when you can and cannot wear white, how you can and cannot where white and to where you can and cannot where white. Forget the rules for a minute, however. They're made to be broken, right? Instead, picture yourself in the following beautiful outfits rocking a white blazer.

Here are 14 ways to wear a white blazer to work.

1. Wear a white blazer with black jeans.

Photo via Instagram/@Imnotsorrydarling

For a casual workplace look, wear a white blazer with black jeans and a simple blouse underneath it. You can always dress up the look with black booties and some accessories, as well.

2. Wear a white blazer with colorful slacks.

Photo via Instagram/@my_black_skirt

For a more refined look, throw on a white blazer over a tailored button-down shirt and flowy, colorful slacks that add a pop of color. This is one surefire way to stand out.

3. Wear a white blazer with a pleaded skirt.

Photo via Instagram/@monchanvre

For a more formal office, you can pair a white blazer with a pleaded maxi skirt. A fun-colored maxi skirt is also an added stylish touch, but you can stick to neutral colors or black, as well. And, the best part about this look is that you can pair it with either sneakers or high heels.

4. Wear a white blazer with white pants.

Photo via Instagram/@BoringLawyersBlog

Rock a full white-on-white outfit with a white blazer and white slacks. You can wear a neutral-color shirt underneath the blazer and then accessorize with colorful jewelry or a bright purse.

5. Wear a white blazer with blue jeans.

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In an ultra casual office, you can wear a white blazer with a regular pair of blue jeans and a tank top underneath. You can accessorize with a long necklace to dress up the outfit a bit, as well.

6. Wear a white blazer over a black outfit.

Photo via Instagram/@browngirlstyles

Brighten up a dark, black outfit with a white blazer jacket. You can wear it over a black turtle neck paired with black jeans and black booties, for example.

7. Wear a white blazer over a printed top.

Photo via Instagram/@oneteachersstyle

Wear a white blazer over a top that features a fun print, like leopard, for example. It's better if the print features some white accents, as well, to tie the whole outfit together.

8. Wear a white blazer over a T-shirt.

Photo via Instagram/

Dress up a T-shirt and draw-string pants, for example, with a white blazer that elevates the look. Toss on some high heels and grab a fun bag to pair with it, as well.

9. Wear a white blazer over a soft color.

Photo via Instagram/@vivaciousmelphotograp

White pairs well with pale colors like baby blue or soft pink, pictured here.

10. Wear a sleeveless white blazer over a lace shirt.

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Have some fun with a sleeveless white blazer that you can wear over a lace shirt for a pop of texture. If the office is casual, you can even rock it with ripped jeans and sneakers, like this look.

11. Wear a white blazer with a pencil skirt.

Photo via Instagram/@style_queen_zilla

The pencil skirt and blazer is a classic office look, especially for more formal workplaces. Have some fun with an alternative to the typical black suit — a white blazer instead.

12. Wear a white blazer dress.

Photo via Instagram/@befeminine_fashion

Instead of tossing a blazer over an outfit, consider a jacket-style wrap dress in white. This makes the white blazer the whole outfit! Pair it with some flats or high heels and rock a fun colorful bag to bring in a dash of color.

13. Wear a white blazer over a little black dress.

Photo via Instagram/@dailyfittingroom

A little black dress is another classic workplace look for women. But you can take it up a notch by throwing a white blazer over it to lighten the look a bit.

14. Wear a white blazer with fun accessories.

Photo via Instagram/@enithingiwantshop

A blazer is a very tailored look, regardless of what color it is. So have some fun and spruce it up with accessories like big, chunky earrings or some hip sunglasses.

Fashion FAQs

Here are answers to some of the mostly frequently asked questions regarding white blazers in the workplace.

Can you wear a white blazer in the fall?

You might be wondering whether or not you can wear a white blazer in the fall, since it seems like such a summer staple. But because white blazers are neutral, they're always a great alternative to your standard black, gray or navy blazer. You can wear one with many of the fall trends, as a white blazer is timeles and stylish enough to make a statement.

Can you wear a white jacket after Labor Day?

The whole "you can't wear white after Labor Day" rule only ever existed to separate old money elitists from new money people. It's not a real rule, though many people do choose to observe it. In modern days, less and less people pay attention to these fashion rules, especially as going outside the box and wearing whatever makes you you is becoming ever more acceptable and even stylish. So, in short, yes, you can wear a white jacket after Labor Day! You do whatever your heart desires.

Can you wear a white jacket to a wedding?

Yes, you can wear a white jacket to a wedding, though most people choose not to wear white to weddings at all. This arbitrary rule of no white at weddings was created out of respect to the bride who will traditionally wear a white gown. That said, wearing a white blazer to a wedding is a whole lot different than wearing a white dress, which might confuse wedding guests who don't know the bride or which might feel disrespectful to the bride who wants to stand out.

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