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In today’s competitive professional world, it's becoming increasingly evident that a competitive salary alone isn’t enough — job seekers are also on the lookout for great benefits! Competitive and sometimes innovative mental health benefits, fertility benefits, caretaker benefits, wellness benefits, flexible work benefits, fiscal benefits, and more are changing the game.

Today, we’re discussing 9 companies that truly stand out from the crowd by going the extra mile to care for their employees' well-being by providing a comprehensive package of benefits. Keep reading to learn more!

Alight Solutions

Alight Solutions — a leading cloud-based provider of integrated digital human capital and business solutions — believes that diversity should be visible, valued, and sustained throughout the organization, and they are committed to enabling an inclusive culture of belonging that engages all colleagues and grows the diversity of their talent to proudly represent the clients and communities that they serve. For Alight, inclusion is a verb. It is the act of creating an environment where colleagues can bring their whole selves to work, reach their full potential, and feel that they belong.

Alight supports their global team with a variety of benefits, including by hosting Colleague Led Communities (CLCs), a Women’s Professional Network, an Early Career Development program, formal training and education opportunities, global minimum maternity and paternity leave standards, dependent care reimbursement accounts, being a top choice for remote working, and more!

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American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance believes that your unique ideas, background, experience, and passions are vital to their company and customers' success. Driven by a culture of diversity, inclusion, and respect, they are proud of their ongoing commitment to racially, ethnically, and gender-diverse talent — and passionate about building opportunities for women to secure and thrive in leadership roles. At American Family Insurance, they know how hard their customers and employees work to achieve their dreams. That’s why, for nearly 90 years, American Family Insurance has made it their mission to protect those dreams. It’s all part of who they are and who they’ll always be — innovative, caring, agile, trustworthy, transparent, and passionate.

The company also understands that working in today’s world means supporting you differently. That’s why they go beyond comprehensive health coverage and a 401(k) plan to offer a suite of modern benefits that promote workplace flexibility, physical and mental wellness, family balance, tuition reimbursement, a scholarship program, a matching gift program, and an environment that fuels you and the dreams you’re pursuing!

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At Audible, they believe stories have the power to change the world. It’s why they work at the cutting edge of entertainment and technology, collaborating with the biggest creators to produce and share Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts with millions of listeners around the globe. When you work with them, you’re part of a community of brilliant minds who come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, who empower and inspire each other. Whether you’re interested in building consumer-facing software that’s in the hands of millions of listeners globally or building behind-the-scenes systems that power what they do, Audible has an opportunity for you.

Audible also provides a wide range of exciting benefits for employees, including compensation and retirement benefits (such as restricted stock units (RSUs) and 401(k)s, health and wellness benefits (including wellness reimbursement, parental leave, maternity and paternity benefits, and health, dental, and vision insurance), professional development benefits (including tuition reimbursement and management and leadership training), and flexible work benefits.

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Capital Group

At Capital Group, you define yourself by more than just a job title; the company wants you to feel comfortable bringing your true self to work! Capital Group values your talents, your traditions, and your take on the world — everything that makes you unique. Throughout the year, they are working hard to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, both within and outside of their company.  

As part of this culture, Capital Group is aware that life looks different for everyone, which is why they provide a diverse range of benefits that reinforce their commitment to all associates and their families, helping them grow personally, professionally, and financially. Included in this are their comprehensive LGBTQ benefits (for the U.S. community), highly competitive annual salaries and premium benefits, enabling all associates to earn two annual bonuses based on individual performance and company profitability, and contributing the equivalent of 15% of annual pay (including bonuses) to associates’ retirement plans. Capital Group’s premier programs promote physical and mental health, work-life balance, education and career advancement, retirement savings, and community action as they work to create a brighter future for all.

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CarGurus — the all-in-one platform that’s moving the entire car shopping journey online and guiding customers through each step — strives to build and nurture a global culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative. They envision a workplace where everyone feels that they can bring the ultimate expression of themselves and their potential to work every day — where they don’t just fit, they thrive. For CarGurus, this means creating a workplace that reflects the diversity of their customers and the world around us — where employees are surrounded by managers and peers who reflect their diverse identities and an environment where they have an equal opportunity to grow. CarGurus strives to build a culture and a community where they embrace and celebrate differences and support one another with empathy.

A few of CarGurus great benefits include a sabbatical (employees get one month off after five years at CarGurus and another after 10. People use this time to take dream vacations, visit family abroad, and tackle DIY projects... or to do nothing at all!), a mentorship/sponsorship program (their Elevate mentorship program for women pairs employees with experienced leaders to discuss personal and professional development. It's six months long but has lasting relationships and impact), paid adoptive (all employees are eligible for eight weeks of parental leave in addition to four weeks of adoption leave for a placement of a child due to adoption or foster care. CarGuru's also assists with adoption expenses of up to $10K annually, with up to $20K reimbursed through Carrot Fertility.), and fertility benefits (all employees receive fertility health and family-forming benefits, including adoption assistance, through Carrot Fertility. These include assisted reproduction like in vitro fertilization, preservation like egg or sperm freezing, adoption, gestational carrier arrangements, pregnancy, menopause, and more.).

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Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings — the largest car rental company in the world — is proud to be helping women break all kinds of stereotypes. With the support of both management and their peers, women at Enterprise Holdings are encouraged to pursue new opportunities, rise to new levels in their careers, and succeed!

And, throughout their exciting careers at Enterprise Holdings, women are supported by the easy-to-use benefits and great rewards at the company. These include: health and welfare benefits (such as medical, vision, and dental; a Flexible Spending Account; and a Health Savings Account) as well as financial benefits (like a 401(k) and profit sharing), and additional benefits ranging from adoption assistance to a Service Award Program and vehicle rental and purchase discounts. There are many reasons to join the Enterprise Holdings team today!

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Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae creates opportunities for people to buy, refinance, or rent a home. They are a leading source of financing for mortgage lenders, on a mission to facilitate equitable and sustainable access to homeownership and quality affordable rental housing across America. They help make possible the popular 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage, which provides homeowners with stable, predictable mortgage payments over the life of the loan. Their tools and resources help homebuyers, homeowners, and renters understand their housing options. 

At Fannie Mae, they achieve their mission by empowering everyone who works at the company. As part of this, they offer life-encompassing benefits and resources to help you build the future you envision. These benefits are focused on five essential aspects of your life: health (including medical, dental, pharmacy, and vision insurance and a health savings account), finance (including a 401(k) with up to 8% employer contribution and up to $10,000 grant toward home purchase after closing), career (including on-the-job training, mentoring, coaching, and feedback and funding for professional certification programs), work-life fit (including hybrid work options and flex hours on Friday), and community (including matching gifts program for eligible charitable causes and matching gifts program for eligible charitable causes).

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At Spectrum, a part of Charter Communications, they strive to create an inclusive environment where employees are inspired to contribute to each other’s and the Company’s success. Spectrum believes in fostering a culture in which every employee feels respected, engaged, and able to reach their full potential. Their hardworking and diverse workforce is focused on helping their business grow, and Spectrum is committed to helping one another grow. 

At Spectrum, employees don't just have jobs, they build careers. That's why Spectrum believes in offering a comprehensive compensation and benefits package that rewards employees for their contributions to Spectrum's success, supports all aspects of their well-being, and delivers real value at every stage of life. Such benefits include competitive starting wages (all hourly roles (those not eligible for commissions) have a starting wage of at least $20 an hour), some of the best health benefits in their industry, a 6% 401(k) company match, career and development programs (including the ability to earn an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or professional certificate tuition-free), and more!

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Wabtec Corporation

Wabtec Corporation — a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions, and value-added services — is always looking for people who can bring fresh perspectives and life experiences to their teams. The company values your curiosity, passion, and desire to learn. Because, when you work at Wabtec, you work with some of the most talented and passionate professionals in the industry. Their global team is committed and results-oriented, which has helped Wabtec remain highly competitive in their industry. Wabtec recognizes the value of having a diverse team and an inclusive culture, so they seek out people with diverse backgrounds, skills, and perspectives because they believe a diverse team produces better ideas and is more successful at meeting the needs of our customers.

And Wabtec has a plethora of benefits to support this diverse team! These benefits include employee resource groups (ERGs) that are open to all employees; Medical, Dental, and Vision Premium Contributions for 2023; Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs); Health Savings Accounts (HSA); an Employee Assistance Program (EAP); Life and Disability Insurances; Wabtec Savings Plan; and Other Voluntary Benefit Options.

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