Looking for Remote Job Opportunities? Here’s the Simplest Way to Find Them

Looking for Remote Job Opportunities? Here’s the Simplest Way to Find Them


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As the world is adapting to what is now the “new normal,” Fairygodboss wants to be there for you every step of the way. Keep reading for timely advice and join our Navigating the New Normal group for continued support.

According to a new study released by IBM, as many as 54% of U.S. workers have no desire to return to shared office spaces after COVID-19 is over. For some companies, particularly those within the tech sphere, this suits them just fine. They aren’t bent on workers returning to offices either. 

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has already announced that, barring those whose jobs physically require them to be at an office, employees of Twitter will be able to work from home indefinitely. Others may be taking a softer approach, but plenty of employers — from Facebook and Microsoft to Slack and Zillow — have significantly extended their work-from-home timelines. And as we look toward a near future in which additional waves of the coronavirus are all-but guaranteed, for increasing numbers of us, remote work could shift from temporary to a more permanent way of living.

Maybe you’re someone who’d already hoped to go remote before the pandemic. Maybe working from home isn’t something you would have previously chosen for yourself. But, given the uncertain state of things, if you’re interested in job opportunities that can be done remotely in an extended way, you aren’t alone. 

What’s the easiest way to look for remote jobs? 

On Fairygodboss, try entering the keyword “remote” when searching for open positions. It’ll pull up a range of open remote positions at companies women love. 

You can also make “remote” be one of your saved job alerts, so that anytime a new position with “remote” in the title is added on FGB, you’ll be notified. Set and manage job alerts from your main FGB feed (you’ll see them to the left, under your feed topics), or navigate to your Job Activity dashboard and access them there. While you’re on your personalized jobs’ dashboard, take a moment to make sure your Professional Profile is up to date.  Having a profile makes it even easier to get noticed by recruiters, and you can also use it to register for upcoming FGB virtual recruiting events. Then, you’re ready to start quick-applying for jobs. (#ProTip: After quick applying, you can directly message the company’s recruiters using the “send a message” button on the job description. Say hello and help yourself stand out!) 

Another tip? When it comes to remote work, remember that for a lot of companies, policies are fluid right now. 

Even if a job isn’t outright advertised as remote, remember that for many of the companies still hiring right now, the role is going to be remote regardless, at least in the beginning. If working remotely for the long haul is something you’re interested in, keep an open mind and know that employers are having to do the same. It’s going to come up in the interview when — or if — you’ll be expected to return to a shared office space. Use that opportunity to share that ideally, you’ll continue to work remotely, and see what they have to say. In this current landscape especially, it may be easier to arrange your own location expectations than you were expecting.