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Times may change and people may change, but some things are forever. With Pinterest boards on the rise, popsicles may have a new look, but that doesn’t mean the concept and deliciousness have changed one bit. Whether you’re a sucker for a classic fruit pop, an adventurer ready for a bold creamy dessert or someone who wants to multitask by getting boozed and having a treat, these popsicles are for you.

Keys to making the perfect popsicle.

• Get freezin’ with the season. 

If you’re making fruit or vegetable popsicles, be mindful of what kind of fruit you’re hoping to use. It’s always best to use the products that are in season. Fully ripe fruits and veggies work best, and overly ripe ones can actually add to the sweetness.

• Watch how you pour. 

While some popsicles are only a few ingredients, the more labor-intensive creamy pops often mix fruit with milk, cream and yogurt. Because fruit is thicker and heavier, fruit often sinks to the bottom of the pop. To combat fruit sinking, fill your popsicle mold only part of the way and freeze it partially; once frozen slighty, add more fruit to the top and freeze again.

• Don’t let them tip

Having your popsicle sticks tip over is every popsicle maker’s worst nightmare. Avoid the terror by waiting to put your popsicle sticks in until later in the freezing stage, once the popsicles have a slushy-like texture. If you have a popsicle mold with a lid, try stretching a plastic or cling wrap over your poured popsicles. Pop some small holes just big enough for your sticks, put them in and then place the lid over.

Fruit popsicle recipes.

1. Blueberry yogurt

Source: Sally's Baking Addiction

Bored with your everyday breakfast blueberries? Turn your staple into something sweet and exciting with these blueberry yogurt pops. All you need is blueberries, a little bit of sweetener (honey or agave work just fine) and some yogurt. If you’re not the biggest blueberry fan, try the recipe with any one of your favorite fruit fill-ins.

Sally's Baking Addiction

2. Pineapple chia seed

Source: Jessica Gavin

Chia seeds are all the rage in modern dishes, so why not try them on a popsicle stick? When mixed with the pineapple and coconut milk in this recipe, these chia seeds expand in the liquid and create a rich, interesting cream.

Jessica Gavin

3. Peach and honey

Source: Cookie + Kate

This recipe requires a little heat as you roast the peaches before you freeze them, reducing water content while maintaining all the sweetness. Add in some of your favorite plain yogurt, and you’ll be just peachy.

Cookie + Kate

4. Strawberry mango

Source: Half Baked Harvest

What’s better than two of your favorite summer fruits together in a frozen treat? Probably nothing. All you need is some strawberry, mango and a little bit of orange juice for a zesty and healthy fruit twist.

Half Baked Harvest

5. Triple berry

Source: Girl Heart Food

Can’t get enough of your summer berries? This recipe combines your blueberries, raspberries and blackberries for an antioxidant-rich popsicle. What’s especially fun is the addition of special sweeteners: honey, lemon juice and—believe it or not!—cream cheese.

Girl Heart Food

6. Watermelon

Source: Cooking Classy

Looking to challenge yourself with a little art and design? These watermelon pops may contain most of their title fruit, but they’ve also got coconut milk and kiwi to create white and green layers. If you want to get even fancier, add in a few chocolate chips to emulate everyone’s favorite watermelon black seeds.

Cooking Classy

7. Grapefruit

Source: Paper & Stitch

You won’t need to be Molly Ringwald to be pretty in pink with these bright and beautiful popsicles. Mix the underappreciated grapefruit with grapefruit juice and pink lemonade, and these popsicles become a sweet version of your typical breakfast half grapefruit.

Paper & Stitch

8. Mango kiwi lemonade

Source: A Cookie Named Desire

Crazy for citrus? This recipe combines the ever summery mango with lemonade to create a delicious popsicle base; slide a kiwi in the middle for an aesthetically pleasing and sweet finishing touch.

A Cookie Named Desire

9. Cherry pineapple

Source: The Little Epicurean

Much like the grapefruit, cherries are one of the most underrated fruit popsicle ingredients. Mixed with pineapple in this out of the ordinary recipe, these pops get a little fancy with their intricate swirled pattern.

The Little Epicurean

10. Honeydew mint

Source: The Chunky Chef

In the need for something clean and refreshing? Simply mix 5-10 mint leaves with some honeydew, and you’re more than halfway there. If you’re having trouble with your popsicle consistency, this recipe suggests adding a pinch of xantham gum — a trick transportable to nearly any fruit popsicle concoction. 

The Chunky Chef

11. Berry parfait

Source: Well Plated by Erin

While parfaits usually scream “dessert,” this yogurt mix stocks up so much on berries it deserves to be among the fruit recipes. Layer in some granola for crunchy texture and a bit more protein.

Well Plated by Erin

12. Blackberry matcha

Source: Thirsty for Tea

Matcha is all the rage, but its bitter taste often turns off drinkers from indulging. Bring in the sweet with blackberries, honey, coconut milk and vanilla, and you’ll be enjoying these earthy pops all summer long.

Thirsty for Tea

13. Melon

Source: Woman's Day

Because melon is so concentrated with water, making popsicles with these fruits is easier than ever. Add in a little sugar if you’d like your pop sweeter, but otherwise, it’s just a matter of pureeing and freezing. 

Woman's Day

14. Ginger, hibiscus and minty watermelon 

Source: Half Baked Harvest

While the popsicle name may be a bit of a mouthful, the finished product will be sure to make your mouth full of tasty, healthy goodness. If you’re not a fan of the mint, switch one leafy green for another and try a quarter cup of basil instead.

Half Baked Harvest

15. Pineapple pink lemonade

Source: The House That Lars Built

Remember the perfect pink of the grapefruit popsicles? Delve into the realm of pretty pastels again with these pineapple pink lemonade pops. All you need is pineapple chunks, pink lemonade mix and a dash of water.

The House That Lars Built

16. Raspberry coconut

Source: Chelsea's Messy Apron

While this recipe also includes lime, honey and a whole ripe banana, the raspberry and coconut flavors are sure to stand out in these delicious, kid-friendly pops. If you’re looking for something that catches the eye, separate your mixture and stagger your pouring and freezing. 

Chelsea's Messy Apron

17. Creamy lemon

Source: Sally's Baking Addiction

Lemon usually gets a bad rap for being too sour, but this take on lemon popsicles creates a creamy mixture like the ice cream we know and love. Try using almond milk instead of whole milk to add a bit of extra sweet to this treat.

Sally's Baking Addiction

18. Blackberry ombré

Source: Tutti Dolci

If you’re crazy for all things purple, these beautiful blackberry ombré popsicles will wow your eyes and tastebuds. Achieve this special popsicle look with no extra ingredients — just a bit more kitchenware to separate blackberry concentrations before pouring and freezing.

Tutti Dolci

19. Strawberry lemonade

Source: Sweet & Savory By Shinee

Every major coffee shop tends to burst out the strawberry lemonade once the sun comes out, so why not take the sweet drink into popsicle form? All this popsicle takes is a homemade lemonade mix (made of sugar, lemon juice and water) and just six strawberries.

Sweet & Savory by Shinee

20. Rainbow

Source: The First Year

Can’t decide what fruit to use? That’s okay — just try them all! Although there’s a bit more prep and effort involved in this treat, these popsicles are bursting with flavor (and look absolutely beautiful no matter how much your fruit layers blend).

The First Year

Dessert popsicle recipes.

1. Banana cream pie

Source: Dixie Crystals

Banana cream popsicles provide the perfect transition between fruit and dessert. While these treats are a bit more labor-intensive, you’re sure to create a creamy heaven complete with a sweet vanilla crunch.

Big Bears Wife

2. Hot chocolate

Source: Dinners Dishes and Desserts

Missing your favorite winter drink? Get a little bit of winter in your summer with these frozen hot chocolate pops. Of course, it wouldn’t be real hot chocolate without marshmallows — make sure you add them to your heart's (or your popsicle mold’s) desire.

Dixie Crystals

3. Funfetti

Source: Salt and Lavender

If you’re looking for a fun dessert on the healthy side, these funfetti yogurt pops more than provide. With just four ingredients — yogurt, almond milk, vanilla extract and sprinkles — these beautiful popsicles will easily become your go-to treat.

Salt and Lavender

4. Striped creamsicle

Source: Sheri Silver

Can you hear the ice cream truck ringing in the distance? No need to run — make this version of creamsicles instead! This take on the classic still includes vanilla ice cream and uses Sunny D to get the remaining orangey flavor.

Sheri Silver

5. Vanilla cream with brownie-toffee crunch

Source: Floating Kitchen

Feeling a little decadent? This recipe’s got it all: vanilla, chocolate and toffee. And — as if you need any more convincing — it’s gluten free.

Floating Kitchen

6. Nutella

Source: 52 Kitchen Adventures

Nutella’s all the rage for kids, gelaterias and snack time options. If you’re hoping to continue the trend into your popsicle recipes, don’t fret — this easy recipe takes only three ingredients and rocks your favorite Nutella flavor with a cold twist.

52 Kitchen Adventures

7. Pumpkin pie

Source: The View From Great Island

Can’t wait for the leaves to change color? Autumn lovers can rejoice with this pumpkin pie recipe. Mix up some pumpkin puree with milk, vanilla, pudding and an assortment of spices — you’ll feel like Thanksgiving was just yesterday.

The View From Great Island

8. Cookies and cream

Source: Eating on a Dime

Stuck with an overload of cookies? No amount of cookies is too many, but if you’re looking to try something new, this cookies and cream recipe easily transforms your favorite cookies into a crunchy, cold treat.

Cookies and Cream

9. Dark chocolate and oat

Source: Green Smoothie Gourmet

Dark chocolate’s the cure for everything, right? Get your fix with these healthy pops with a little extra fiber crunch. The salted oat topping creates a perfect balance of bitter, salty and sweet.

Green Smoothie Gourmet

10. Chocolate and vanilla swirl

Source: Spiced

The classic chocolate and vanilla swirl shouldn’t be contained to soft-serve ice cream. Bring your swirl dreams to fruition with this pudding-based popsicle recipe.


11. Raspberry cheesecake

Source: Recipe Runner

Based in yogurt and cream cheese, these beautiful raspberry cheesecake pops are the perfect way to bring a classic pie into perfect, cold single-servings. To get the pie crunch at the bottom, this recipe suggests sprinkling an original mixture of almond meal, coconut sugar and melted coconut oil.

Recipe Runner

12. Salted caramel mocha

Source: Melanie Makes

No need to head to Starbucks to get your mocha fix. This delicious chocolate pop is not only rooted in coffee and creamer but also brings a bit of caramel to add a sugary twist.

Melanie Makes

13. Lemon pie

Source: Crazy for Crust

If you’re looking for something sweeter than creamy lemon pops, these lemon pie sums up the best of your favorite lemon dessert. It’s just five ingredients, with an extra smattering of shortbread cookies if you’re hoping to add a crunchy “crust.”

Crazy for Crust

14. Banana split

Source: The Recipe Rebel

Who said banana splits are exclusive to the ice cream counter? These pudding pops are the perfect combination of fruit and fudge, and get your favorite flavors without the typical split hassle.

The Recipe Rebel

15. Cake batter

Source: Just Add Sprinkles

Cake is always a hit dessert, but in the heat of the sun, not everyone wants to swallow a thicker bread and melting ice cream. Get the same taste with these cake batter pops! They’re only five ingredients, and look super fun with a mix of assorted sprinkles. 

Just Add Sprinkles

Boozy popsicle recipes.

1. Watermelon margarita

Source: Salt and Lavender

Watermelon and margaritas are both summer classics. So, why not combine them into one incredible boozy pop? Get a kick from your frozen treat with just watermelon, silver tequila, lime juice and salt.

Salt and Lavender

2. Tequila sunrise

Source: Real Food By Dad

If you’re feeling the tequila but want to get a little more fancy with your presentation, these tequila sunrise pops are perfect for your next summer fling. With the addition of fresh pineapple and pineapple juice, you won’t even remember what alcohol hit you.

Jersey Shore Scene

3. Melon basil Moscow mule

Source: Real Food By Dad

These adult popsicles work great for a more refined post-work indulgence. Mix cantaloupe and mint leaves with tequila and ginger beer, and you’re more than halfway there.

Source: Five Heart Home

4. Prosecco poptails

Source: Go Go Go Gourmet

Prosecco’s a celebratory drink, so why not celebrate the summer with these easy boozy pops? All you need is the alcohol — simply pour into your popsicle mold and enjoy your bubbles frozen style.

Source: Go Go Go Gourmet

5. Rosé sangria

Source: Yes to Yolks

Design your own fruit palate with these incredible rosé sangria pops. Whether you want strawberries, green apples or blueberries, this recipe is flexible enough for you to try whatever you want — or all of them!

Rosé Sangria

6. Sweet tea vodka

Source: Home Cooking 

Sweet tea may be singing praises of the South, but bring the taste wherever you are with these adult sweet tea vodka pops. Simply mix sweet tea with sweet tea vodka, and add a little bit of lemon if that’s your thing. 

Home Cooking Memories

7. Bourbon white peach

Source: Beach House Kitchen

Peaches are one of the most coveted summer fruits, and mixing them with bourbon adds a little flair to their typical sweet taste. Mix in a little honey and lemon juice for some extra sweet and sour summer taste.

Beach House Kitchen

8. Strawberry daiquiri

Source: The Cottage Market

If you’re a fan of the classic strawberry popsicle, mix it up with these deliciously customizable strawberry daiquiri pops. If you want to keep it simple (and kid friendly), simply mix strawberries with some orange and lime juice. From there, you can add sugar if you’ve got more of a sweet-tooth and some rum if you’re feeling boozy.

The Cottage Market

9. Classic mojito

Source: Real House Moms

Multitask getting buzzed and getting refreshed with these minty lime mojito pops. These mojito pops are not only super easy to make, but they also look incredible — especially if you’re willing to spring for some extra mint leaves to garnish. 

Real House Moms

10. Pinot noir blackberry

Source: The Kitchn

Love drinking red wine with your girlfriends to relax after a long summer day? Keep the girlfriends and the relaxing — but switch it up with these fruity pinot noir pops. All you’ll need is the fruit, alcohol, water and a little bit of sugar. 

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