31 Ways to Make Extra Money This Weekend

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June 15, 2024 at 2:24AM UTC
Side hustles are all the rage, but they're just a new twist on an old classic: weekend jobs. Full-timers have always gone this route when they want to save up for something, pay something off or even just gain experience in a new field. Regardless of what leads you to consider a second job, you've got plenty of options to choose from. This list is just the beginning.

What is a weekend job?

No, a weekend job doesn't mean that's the only time you work. Well, we can dream, of course. And if you're retired, semi-retired or still in school, the weekends might actually be the only time you choose or are free to work. Working weekends is a classic option for anyone who doesn't want to juggle a class schedule with work shifts but still needs a bit of cash in their pocket. For the rest of us, however, "weekend job" means a second, part-time gig you find to supplement the income from your more traditional, probably full-time job.
So, why take on a second job? To make more money, of course! Whether your money goals are short- or long- term, getting a weekend job will be either to build your savings, pay down debt or gain experience. A lot of alternative lifestyle-seekers will have periods of nose-to-the-grindstone work schedules, juggling weekday and weekend jobs in order to save up and hit the road. Others, especially anyone interested in buying a home or making another large purchase, will take on a second job to pay down debt, improve their credit score and feed their down-payment nest egg. Those are fairly common situations, but an incredibly useful reason to seek out part-time weekend work is to learn an industry into which you'd like to transition your career.

31 of the best weekend jobs to supplement your income.

From the serious to the super fun, you pretty much have your choice of directions to take when it comes to working a weekend job. Follow your skills and your interest, and use this list as a mere starting point. (All income averages are from Indeed.com)

1. Barista, $11/hour + tips

Cafes are cool places to work. If you enjoy the vibe of those nook-like coffee shops with artsy regulars, find a few and fill out some applications. These gigs come with free coffee (never to be underestimated) and are also a great way to meet new people and expand your social circle.

2. Restaurant positions, $10-14/hour + tips

From hostess to waitstaff to kitchen positions, these gigs are relatively easy to find. The food-service industry is a massive animal, one always in need of extra pairs of hands to carry, cook and clean. Bonus? Lots of shift flexibility for early birds and night owls alike.

3. Driver, $1,500/month for independent contractors

Taxi, Uber, Lyft or other avenue, being a driver is the perfect weekend job for the gig hunter who likes to be on the go. And, okay, also has a car that gets good gas mileage. However, some delivery positions, such as for a florist shop, may include the use of a company vehicle. Even better!

4. Dog walker/sitter, $15/hour

Pooch patrol might feel like cheating, for dog lovers. You get to play with puppies and get paid? But it's true. Walking or sitting dogs and other pets is a classic gig to turn into your weekend job.

5. Personal chef/meal planner, $24/hour

Love to cook? Hire yourself out as a personal chef for special occasions like big family dinners, anniversaries or parties. You can also prep a week's worth of meals for someone with a busy lifestyle, special dietary concerns or both.

6. Lawn care service, $15/hour

This isn't just mowing the grass (unless, of course, mowing the grass is all you want to do). Lawn care and property maintenance can be a full four-season source of income. The potential will vary based on the properties in the area you service, and your potential to earn is still a bit higher in the summer, but offering a lawn care service is a perfect weekend job for the woman who loves to be outdoors.

7. Cleaning service, $13/hour

Elbow grease and a little gumption are about all you need to create a successful cleaning service for a secondary weekend income. You can set your own hours and the extent of the services you provide. If your skills also extend to purging and organizing, consider marketing your services in that direction as well.

8. Tutor, $21/hour

From middle school math to high school Spanish, from coding to literary composition, tutoring might be a much more diverse weekend job than you've previously considered. Parents seek help for their kids, while professionals love to add skills to their resumes. Many people are hungry to learn and learn any number of things. Get creative! Maybe your pro-level pie-making skills are more useful (and lucrative) than you think.

9. Yoga or fitness instructor, $31/hour

A passion for fitness can lead not only to a weekend gig but eventually a successful side business as well. Becoming a certified instructor takes a bit of time and dedication, but again, if this is something you love, why not consider it? Working for a gym or even having private clients can be a really fun way to make that extra cash.

10. Music tutor, $21/hour

Tutoring isn't all about academics. Taking music lessons is something so many of us experienced as kids and may even be interested in resuming as adults. Offering your services as a teacher is a wonderful way to pass on your instrumental know-how and make a bit of bank.

11. Blogger, $15/hour

A little bit of expertise or passion and a bit of writing ability will turn blogging into a fairly satisfying weekend job. This isn't something you have to devote a lot of hours to in order to make yourself some money, either. Spend some time every weekend writing and building your audience will start padding your savings account before you know it.

12. Photographer, $650/week

The earning potential for freelance photographers is high mostly because so many clients book wedding and family portrait sessions. These services are in fairly high demand, so if you have the skill and a good eye, it's a fun way to make that money. Even if weddings aren't your thing, your photography can make you money online via stock photography or art sales websites.

13. Videographer, $24/hour

Again, weddings are a perfect fit, but so are birthday parties, award ceremonies and performances or music videos. Being able to shoot and edit good quality videos is a seriously marketable skill. You can freelance or work as a second shooter for an established company.

14. Events crew, $12/hour

Events venues almost always need extra staff. Setting up, serving or hosting, tearing down? That's a lot of work, and the bigger the show or event, the more hands these places need on deck.

15. Events planner, $15/hour

Knowing how to throw a great party is no small thing. The skills needed to organize, plan and actually pull off an event will definitely land you a solid weekend job. The hardest part may well be fending off potential clients and keeping your gigs confined to the weekends. There is serious room to grow.

16. Proofreading, $19/hour

A work-from-home option perfect for the grammar nerd and the spelling bee champ. Becoming a certified proofreader is a fairly simple process, and then you can start working with writers, organizations and anyone that produces print or online content — all while still having those slow, stay-in-your-PJs Saturday mornings.

17. Bookkeeping, $17/hour

Leverage previous experience handling accounts by taking on clients as a freelance bookkeeper. This is another work-from-home weekend job that has a fair amount of earning potential. Even if you aren't previously experienced, bookkeeping is relatively easy to learn. And hey, it's not a bad skill to add to your resume, either.

18. Automotive detailing, $12/hour

This is essentially giving vehicles a good deep cleaning, with perhaps some cosmetic repairs in there as well. If you have experience with this, you can offer your services on a freelance basis, but finding work at a detailing business also works.

19. Call center or customer service representative, $14/hour

Working weekend shifts as a customer service representative or running a helpline means a lot of phone time but not a lot of face time. It can be a very satisfying position. Fielding calls about customer complaints may not sound exactly awesome, but saving someone's weekend by resolving those complaints? That's a pretty good feeling.

20. Movie theater usher, $10/hour

Movie-goers still love that cinema experience. If you've always wanted to be the one making the popcorn or unhooking the velvet rope, head to your local theater. Bonus? You might just get to check out that epic blockbuster on opening weekend before any of your friends get a chance to.

21. Mystery shopper, $16/our

If you have a sharp eye for organization, quality of service and displays in a shop, being a mystery shopper could be a fun weekend job for you to have. Franchise and chain stores often employ them as a measure of quality assessment and control.

22. Cashier, $10/hour

Anywhere open both weekdays and weekends will at some point be looking for a strictly weekend cashier. They already have full-time employees during the week, after all, who don't want to work weekends, too. Perfect for someone looking for those exact shifts.

23. Retail sales associate, $12/hour

Weekends are prime shopping time for most of us. Not just the grocery store supply run, either. New shoes, new clothes, household goods: these kinds of businesses boom on the weekends. 

24. Babysitter, $16/hour

Become a date night hero for local parents by advertising your kid-wrangling skills. While maybe not as steady as working for an actual business, if sometimes-work (rather than every weekend) is better for your schedule, then "gigging" is the way to go.

25. Artist, $17/hour

Turn your side hustle into a weekend job by moving from Etsy to the real world, setting up shop at art and craft fairs. Pop-up booths and other installations are a great way to sell and network toward future sales by promoting your website and online store in person.

26. DJ/beats maker, $29/hour

School dances, weddings, parties: all of these engage DJ services regularly. If you love music and make your own beats? Get out there and sell those to other artists, or book your own shows. Music is a vibrant industry, where there's for sure money to be had.

27. Tour guide, $14/hour

Tourist-heavy areas thrive on the crowds that come to visit. Museums, local attractions and outdoor adventure vacation destinations are all great places to look for a weekend job tailored to the local history buff or adventure-lover. 

28. Bartender, $11/hour + tips

Boozing and schmoozing is the name of this game. Having a strong hostess vibe is great for tending bar. Like hairdressers, bartenders are known to lend an ear to the lost and lonely. If you're not opposed to practicing a bit of amateur therapy or working late airs, consider bartending.

29. Virtual assistant, $15/hour

Managing social media, updating calendars by adding appointments and meetings, sorting and responding to emails...the list of what a virtual assistant can do goes pretty deep. And the need for assistants is real. Entrepreneurs and established businesses alike are eager to use your powers of organization.

30. Realtor, $90,000/year

While becoming a certified realtor may be more of an investment than you're willing to make at the moment, being a real estate agent is a bit easier. It's also a flexible job, involving performing showings as your schedule and that of your clients allows. Showing homes and facilitating sales are the main parts of the gig, but you can add staging and other realty-related services to your offerings.

31. Pizza delivery driver, $16/hour + tips

Being a pizza delivery driver can be a pretty fun way to make money. While there's a bit of wear and tear on your vehicle on really busy days or evenings (and okay, the smell of tomato sauce and garlic does linger a bit), that's a small trade to make for tips, the pleasure of bringing people pizza (who isn't excited when the pizza comes??) and maybe even a good discount on your own pies.

Pros and cons of weekend jobs


  • Make extra money
  • Learn and practice a new trade
  • Gain experience in a new field
  • Make it your "fun" job


  • Takes up your free time
  • Can add to your stress levels
  • May not make as much money as you'd hoped
  • Might not turn out to be quite so much fun

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