Why Do My Coworkers Hate My Astrology Sign? Women Weigh In

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Leah Thomas
Leah Thomas866
April 17, 2024 at 6:45PM UTC

Altercations at work can be tricky to navigate. And when two coworkers aren’t getting along, the entire office can be affected. While you definitely want to resolve the issue, you need to address it without accidentally making things worse.

One FGB’er wrote to our Community to ask how she should handle a snide remark about her astrological sign by her colleague.

“What’s up with the Virgo hate?” she asked. “Let me start off by saying that I know NOTHING about astrology. Nada. So I was taken aback, to say the least, when I heard my coworker make a comment today about my zodiac sign (Virgo). It sounded like it was an insult."
“A group of us were in the middle of brainstorming for a new product launch, and I volunteered to be the point person managing the details for an upcoming campaign," the FGB'er continued. "I heard my coworker say with a sarcastic tone: “would never guess you’re a Virgo!” (My birthday is on the team calendar for this month — I guess that’s how she knew). When I called her out and asked what she meant by that, she tried to laugh it off and change the subject, but I’m still upset. What did she mean, and how am I supposed to respond to something like this?”
According to Astrology.com, Virgos are known to be the “butt of the joke.” They are often called out for being picky, critical, and serious – especially about their work.

But despite the perhaps silly concern of this perfectionist, the FGB community responded to her inquiry.

One FGB'er offered solidarity.

“As a "two-faced" Gemini I can relate to the hate!,” one woman wrote. “I'd give her the benefit of the doubt unless she brings up additional judgements on your management style.”

While one woman told her to trust her instincts.

“If it sounded snarky to you, it probably was meant that way. Next time, tell her ‘Thanks!’ LOL," another said.

Another made a pretty good point about how silly this whole star sign thing is.

“Wait until the emotional Cancer in me randomly starts crying at work one day.... then I can use my sign as an excuse!”

A few fellow FGB Virgos consoled the woman, telling her to embrace her Virgo qualities.

“I'm a Virgo - and proud of it! We Virgos do have a very distinctive personality. I wouldn't take it personally. You do you! As I tell my daughter, you CANNOT worry about what other people think.”

Another wrote, “Well I'm a Virgo too, and what she implied is that you are a well-organized mind that is more than willing to take on the hard work that many others couldn't manage successfully … Be proud of being a Virgo; I am!!”

At Fairygodboss, we’ve written our own guide to combating workplace bullies.

While easier said than done, try not to take any rude remarks personally. Focus your energy on your work and your performance.

If you do feel the need to confront her again, do so in private, and without making any assumptions as to why she acted the way she did. Remain calm, friendly, and simply inquisitive as to the logic behind her remark. Tell her how it made you feel and how it may have affected you, the meeting, and the overall environment at work. If the coworker’s behavior persists, follow your company’s guidelines in reporting the incidents to your HR department.

Whether you’re messy, organized, laid back, or controlling, you deserve respect in the workplace (regardless of your astrological sign!). 

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