Why PwC Continues To Be One Of The ‘Best Companies to Work For’

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April 17, 2024 at 6:40PM UTC
For the past 18 years, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has earned a spot on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list — and while this is quite impressive, it’s not at all surprising. 
Headquartered in New York City with 79 offices across the U.S., the PwC network of firms in 156 countries serves 84% of the Fortune 500 in either audit or non-audit capacities. 
Many companies out there are doing some great things for their employees — so how does such a large employer like PwC stay competitive and continue its presence on Fortune’s list? 

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We took a look at some of the key areas that make PwC such an exceptional workplace:
Flex, flex, flex.
Flexibility is a hallmark of PwC's culture. The firm believes it is not about working less hours, it's about working differently. Based on feedback from employees, the firm learned the importance day-to-day flexibility is for people —whether it's to take care of an elderly parent, volunteer, pursue outside interests or just spend time with family and friends. 
It's not about formal Flexible Work Arrangements either, it's about providing more influence on when, where and how people work every day. They also provide year-round flex days to full-time employees who work 40 hours in any given week; after reaching the 40 hour mark, employees can take the fifth day off that same week.  
And, in fall 2021, PwC became the first of their peers to offer all of their 40,000 client service professionals the option to work virtually and live anywhere in the continental U.S. PwC professionals now have the continued choice to work in-person or to opt-in to virtual and flexible roles. Further, as of July 1, 2022, PwC offers 20% pay leave of absence and options to work internationally for those who meet certain immigration and tax restrictions.
“The flexibility offered by PwC is second-to-none,” one employee writes on Fairygodboss. “I have two kids and lead a very large national team. I have always felt that I could take the time I needed to be with my kids while at the same time, I have felt fulfilled and appreciated at work.”
Family-friendliness + great parental leave.
PwC has long been known as a family-friendly employer — and for good reason. The firm offers 8-10 weeks of paid short-term disability leave to birth mothers plus 12 weeks of paid parental leave for both parents. New eligible parents can choose to take six weeks paid time-off to be taken consecutively or three weeks of flexible paid-time off. Parents can take a total of 26 weeks (including paid and unpaid time). PwC also provides adoption and lactation benefits to employees.
One Fairygodboss member writes that  “PwC has incredible maternity benefits and offers plenty of opportunity for flexible work. I have been with the firm for 16 years - relocated four times for personal reasons, now have had three children, and work from home. There are multiple career paths for success, depending on your interests, etc. At one stage of my life I wanted to travel internationally - and PwC provided me with the opportunity. Now, I want to stay close to home and I'm also able to manage a successful career. I wouldn't consider leaving.”
Gender equality + HeForShe
PwC prioritizes gender equality, and they don’t just talk the talk. The firm is one of 10 IMPACT Champions for the United Nations’ HeForShe campaign and continues to promote transparency to gender diversity initiatives, publicly releasing their gender diversity workforce figures in UN Women's Inaugural HeForShe Parity Record. PwC has also hosted a Women’s Leadership webcast series and developed an online course with HeForShe focused on gender equality called Building Gender IQ.
Employee benefits, firm-wide shutdowns and well being.
PwC employees can enjoy substantial time off to rest and recharge. Staff below manager positions start with 15 vacation days per year and get 22 days after their second year (or promotion to manager, whichever comes first), while managers and above accrue 22 vacation days after their first year. 
In addition, PwC offers an average of 8-10 designated national holidays, a firm-wide sabbatical program (4-16 weeks), leaves of absence, unlimited paid time off for firm-sponsored community service activities, and an unprescribed number of sick days. PwC also understands that employees may need time off not only for themselves, but also to help care for a sick child, parent, spouse or domestic partner.  
Further, in 2022, PwC started providing two annual week-long firm-wide shutdowns in the U.S., during the week of the Fourth of July (July 4-8, 2022) and the last week of December (December 26-30, 2022).
In addition, eligible staff are automatically enrolled in PwC’s Retirement Wealth Builder Plan (entirely funded by PwC) upon their start date. Employees can also take advantage of extensive healthcare benefits, including the opportunity to undergo their annual preventative health exams with Executive Health Exams International, 12 annual free visits with a mental health professional and reimbursements of 90% for out-of-network mental health support.
PwC also incentivizes employees to engage in healthy and responsible behaviors by offering a Well-Being Rewards Program (employees can log their activities to receive up to $475 each fiscal year!).
Student loan paydown options
PwC offers a generous and first of a kind benefit to help staff pay down their student debt. PwC’s Student Loan Paydown (SLP) benefit is for eligible associates and senior associates to get $1,200 per year paid directly to their student loan servicer for up to six years, or until promotion to manager (whichever comes first). This benefit can help staff reduce their student loan principal and interest obligation by as much as $10,000 and shorten their loan payoff period by up to three years.
Career growth opportunities
One Fairygodboss member writes that PwC “is a great firm for women who are looking to grow in their careers. The firm is committed to an inclusive work environment and are continuing to help break the glass ceiling for women in leadership.”
Another says that “there are many successful women here. I feel that as a woman, I can network with both my female and male colleagues. My practice is led by a woman who has both a career and family life, which proves to me that there are opportunities of growth in the firm, whereas it may have been difficult in other fields.”
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